Week 7 Discussion: Review of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Activity

Through the exercise, my research skills have significantly improved. The exercise involved following all the necessary steps to retrieve the most relevant and latest evidence-based journal articles, analyzing research evidence, grading the evidence, and disseminating the research findings. Therefore, through this exercise, I can successfully search for, retrieve, and select the most appropriate sources of evidence to inform my practice. I also learned about different methods of research designs such as quantitative and qualitative research designs. Data analysis and dissemination is an important part of evidence-based practice, and thus through the exercise, I gained these important skills.

EBP has changed the nursing practice by improving care provision, patient safety, and the quality of care. EBP informs nurses about the current practices and provides the best available evidence to improve care provision. EBP integrates the use of best practice from the latest and best available evidence. EBP has been demonstrated to improve patient safety, decrease healthcare costs, improve clinical and patient outcomes, and reduce disparity in patient outcomes (Black et al., 2015).

I will apply EBP to initiate change in various areas during practice. For example, for hospitalized patients, I plan to apply EBP to reduce the rate of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) in my practice organizations. Studies show that the rate of HAIs is very high in hospitals and HAIs are associated with increased mortality and morbidity, prolonged hospital stay, and increased healthcare costs and hence this is an important area to implement quality improvement initiatives (Haque et al., 2018). I also plan to use EBP to initiate changes regarding hang hygiene to ensure healthcare providers are adhering to the recommended hand hygiene measures. Hand hygiene is the backbone of infection control in healthcare organizations (Fernandes et al., 2018).


Black, A. T., Balneaves, L. G., Garossino, C., Puyat, J. H., & Qian, H. (2015). Promoting evidence-based practice through a research training program for point-of-care clinicians. The Journal of nursing administration, 45(1), 14–20. https://doi.org/10.1097/NNA.0000000000000151

Fernandes, H., Murphy, M., Creedon, S., Ni Bhuachalla, C., O’Brien, D., Gould, D., Savage, E., Barry, F., Drennan, J., Smiddy, M. P., Condell, S., Horgan, S., Murphy, S., Wills, T., Burton, A., & Hegarty, J. (2019). Patient involvement in the implementation of infection prevention and control guidelines and associated interventions: a scoping review. BMJ Open, 9(3), e025824. https://doi.org/10.1136/bmjopen-2018-025824

Haque, M., Sartelli, M., McKimm, J., & Abu Bakar, M. (2018). Healthcare-associated infections – an overview. Infection and drug resistance, 11, 2321–2333. https://doi.org/10.2147/IDR.S177247


The purpose of this learning activity is to employ students’ information literacy skills and foster and contribute to communication and critical thinking abilities.

Consider your experiences when completing the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) activity.

For this discussion board, provide an in-depth response to the following questions.

1.* Describe one way that this exercise builds your consumer of research skills (return to your course syllabus; review the course objectives and topical outline).

2. Where has EBP changed Nursing practice?

3. In your practice of Nursing where do you see yourself applying EBP to initiate change?

* In order to answer question #1, you will need to read the details for an assignment that I previously completed. I will provide those details in an attached file.

“1.  Describe one way that this exercise builds your consumer of research skills (return to your course syllabus; review the course objectives and topical outline)”

Use the following to answer question #1. The “exercise” that this question is referring to is what the content details listed below relate to.  Please recall I already completed that exercise and I do not need you to do any of what is listed in purple. It is only for reference. Also I will attach the course syllabus to answer the second portion of this question.

“**Assignment to select your EBP source is due and faculty must approve your selected EBP source before you begin your presentation work. **

  • Review your course readings and other resources about EBP

Cochrane Library Database, is a great place to start your search, search, articles, last five years

  • Explore & locate one current (published within past 2 years) EBP source related to your practice/area of interest
  • Use the designated course assignment (or as directed by your faculty) to submit an APA reference with a direct link to your EBP selection. Faculty will review your selection to verify that you have selected an EBP source from an appropriate EBP database. Faculty will not approve an informational article or a traditional research study report for this assignment.
  • After faculty approval, open the full review version (not just the abstract) of your EBP source. Note that some sources have podcasts as additional resource for your work.
  • Carefully review the assignment description and rubric
  • Use these elements in their listed order to organize and prepare your presentation (narrated video).
  • Use this table to type your content before you create your video.


>>Describe your EBP: state the title, the source, and the authors & their credentials

>>Describe the process that you used to locate your EBP

>>Describe EBP repositories that you used to locate your EBP

>>State one reason that you selected this EBP

>>Identify the characteristics of your EBP source:

Type of source – (e.g., intervention review, clinical practice guidelines, evidence reports, technology assessment, etc.)



Search methods

Selection criteria

Data collection & analysis

***level of evidence/quality of the evidence

Major results


>>Identify one strategy/method to communicate your EBP

>>Describe your audience to whom you will communicate your EBP (work peers, administrators, interdisciplinary colleagues, etc.)

>>Describe two potential uses of your selected EBP

  • Create a 10-minute narrated video to address the assignment elements.
  • Use effective oral and visual presentation skills (is organized, meets assignment guidelines, attends to quality, meets designated timeframe, exhibits preparation, exhibits clear speaking voice that articulates rehearsed product “


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