Transforming Leadership and the Obama Presidency Essay

Thespeech, “A perfect Union,” by Barrack Obama was made on March 18, 2008. The speech was delivered during the presidential campaigns for the presidency in the U.S. During the period, Obama was the current Senator and was seeking for nomination for in the Democratic Party. The speech was made at the time when Senator Obama’s Pastor Jeremiah Wright had made very controversial remarks. Therefore the speech was meant to address various issues in America, including racial tensions, inequalities, and anger that had crippled the majority of Africans due to racial discrimination that was popular in the state. His speech was especially directed towards moving America beyond racial issues and focus on the common social problems in the whole state that had crippled the whole population of the whites and the blacks. The speech, The Perfect Union” by Senator Obama was very effective in handling racial stalemate in the U.S country and was also integral in doing away with the sentiments of his pastor who had denounced the country andlamentedthe stateof the crimesagainst the people of the color.Transforming Leadership and the Obama Presidency Essay



Senator Obama’s speech was based on many issues that were common among the white and black population in America. In the speech, he addressed many issues including the white privilege, racial tensions, and inequality (Engbers and Fucilla, 1130). The statement was directed towards doing away with the racial stalemate in the country and focus on solving the social problems of the country to bring forth better healthcare, better jobs, and better schools. In addressing the issue raised by his pastor, Obama claimed he could not disown him for being black just the way he cannot disown his white grandmother. He pointed to the racial stalemate that had crippled the country for a long time and urged all the races to stop the anger and forge alliances that bring about the real change. In his position, Obama chose to neutralize the words used by his reverend and acknowledged that the country is moving forward in the struggle to eliminate racial discrimination. He said, “It’s that he talked as ifthe community is stagnant and like there is no progress being made; as if the nation is stillhuddled to catastrophic past” (Engbers and Fucilla, 1132).

The choice of his speech condemned the words of racial tension and focused on recommending the slow but sure progressbeing made regarding eliminating the difficulties emanating due to the black and white race stalemate. Also, the speech was based on supporting his bid for the presidency. The words were used to show his strong determination to stir America ahead by focusing on reducing the racial tension to enable the state to work as one people. He said, “Anger has never been good, but it keeps us from squarelyfacing our complicity in ourcondition and preventsour community from creating alliances needed for real change”(Engbers and Fucilla, 1135).Transforming Leadership and the Obama Presidency Essay

In presenting the speech, the audience for the day was the whole American public including the politicians, citizens, political pundits, academics and other people from the global world. The entire audience had a clue of the sentiments made by Reverend Wright when helamented the governmentof workingagainst the blacks. The speech was made during the heated political period (Henry, 23). Obama the then-Senator was campaigning for the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party seat together with Hillary Clinton. The speech was done in a way to respond and condemn the words of the pastor which were spoken out of anger and to show the public his worthy and intentions of taking the mantle to address the joint social problems impacting on the white and black population of the Americans. The situation leading to his speech was “the similar “anger from the white community who felt the accusations of racism are always accompanied by incidences of crime. The primary purpose of his argument was to call upon a whole lot of the white and black race to do away with racial tension and mobilize each other in the struggle to eliminate the problems of lack of jobs, poor healthcare, theIraq war, and proper health for the veterans.Transforming Leadership and the Obama Presidency Essay

In his speech, Obama addressed various issues. The most common issues addressed were healthcare and the problem with lack of jobs (The Lancet, 1707). He said, “It is not sufficient to give healthcare to the sick, or jobs to the jobless orquality schooling to our children” (The Lancet, 1710).He was addressing the many social problems affecting the American population of the whites and blacks in common. The inadequate healthcare was negatively impacting on the population’s needs. Also, the lack of quality education was impacting heavily on people’s struggle to become civilized.

From the text, Obama emphasizes the need for the whole society to work together in eliminating social problems which have been there many years ago. The appeal is made from deep in his heart when he claims, “That is where we commence, it is where our togetherness grows stronger” (Murphree ad Royster, 269). He was referring to the many years in the past where patriots signed a document in Philadelphia for the U.S people to work together as a united community to eliminate the social problems facing them. Also, he made an argument based on the character when he said, “By itself, that single momentof acknowledgmentby theyoung white woman andthe black old man is not enough” (Murphree and Royster, 270). He was basing his argument on the fact that one character cannot change the U.S but rather it needs the effort of the whole nation to change the state and make it better.Transforming Leadership and the Obama Presidency Essay

In addressing the audience, Obama used a low tone which was not meant to provoke people. Also in addressing and rectifying the earlier sentiments made by his pastor, he did not condemn him. Instead, he politely corrected him by claiming anger does not solve issues in society. It fears among people and leads to crime. The choice of words used by Barrack Obama is very persuasive of the nation to unite, avoid racism and work together to solve their social issues.

The argument in the speech made by Obama was very persuasive. In addressing his people, Obama made his speech directed towards eliminating hatred in society and promote development. Also, the argument was very compelling in a way that it attracted a positive response from other politicians, pundits, news media and the academics.  In the comments by debaters, they argued that the speech was very integral to the history of America. For example, his competitor Hillary Clintonacknowledged Obama for issuing his speech.  President Obama effectively achieved his goal by clinching the U.S presidency which majority of people attributed to having given a good speech.Transforming Leadership and the Obama Presidency Essay


The argument made by Barrack Obama in his speech was significant to the U.S nation. The speech was directed towards calling people to address their social problems jointly by avoiding racial tensions and other injustices. More so, the speech was meant to show Obama’s position regarding the sentiments made by his reverend when he claimed the government was operating against people of the race. The then-senator strongly condemned the words while trying to use persuasive words in his speech. His speech was very vital and played a significant role in his nomination for the Democratic Party.Transforming Leadership and the Obama Presidency Essay



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