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38697Collect 5 sources for your term paper. Videos/TV programs may be substituted for up to two articles; ½ hour is equivalent to 1 article, so you could do 3 articles and an hour documentary. The sources must be academically sound (no pseudoarchaeology or cryptozoology stuff). Your textbook may not be used. Bibliographic references must include the source of the article, author, date of publication, page numbers etc., in MLA format. 
For videos, the reference must include series name, episode name, broadcast/release date and producer where available. If you’re using YouTube or similar videos as a source for a project, give as much information about the source as possible, including a direct URL if possible. The point is that I need to be able to find your source if I decide to go looking for it. You’re probably better off including additional information than not.
Each bibliography consists of a short (one-two paragraph, 8-10 sentence) synopsis of each article along with full bibliographic information in MLA. I need to be able to find the article if I decide to.
Like all academic assignments, I prefer that the summaries are double-spaced. Make sure that you identify the main points the author is making and that you explain how the article is associated with the your paper or project. Do not use direct quotes to make your point, and only use them to support a point where absolutely necessary.
Bibliographies without the publication information (author, date of publication, etc.) will receive no points. Bibliographies on inappropriate topics will receive no points. 
Please make sure to have the article name, author, and publication information for each article directly above the summary for that article. Do not write all 5 summaries, and then put all 5 references together. and do not put the citation after the summary… I want the each citation FIRST, and the summary for that article immediately after it. 
Make sure that you’re not using “sensational” or otherwise questionable sources.  Choose your sources carefully. Wikipedia is a good overview for some topics appropriate for this assignment, but should not be used directly. Rather, you should track down the references in the Wikipedia article, read and use those. If the Wikipedia article doesn’t have references, don’t use it. 

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