The Genetio Disease Hernophila

The genetio disease hernophila
is a sexdinked trait Jare has an unde on ter father’s side of the family who has hemophilia A, her father does not have hemophila A On Jane’s mother’s side of tree famly theee has never been a case of hemophila  The Genetio Disease Hernophila



. baldness. What is the probability that any ton born will have pattem baidness? Some ind vidvals grow ear hat later in lie, the gene for this trat is belehed to be camed on the Y chromiosome. Assuming that the gene for hairy ears is on the Y ehronosome, what is the probobility that a man with haigr ean wis past this trait on to Nis sons? What is the probabily he will pass this trat onto his davehtare? The Genetio Disease Hernophila

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