The Conundrum of Caring in Nursing Essay

Part One

Although Dr. Jerome states that he knows the patient, Mary should not give Ida’s medical chart to him as it amounts to a violation of a patient’s privacy and confidentiality.Giving the medical report to a third party without the patient’s consent makes Mary an accomplice to the confidentiality violation (Peterson 2018). Mary should therefore refuse Dr. Jerome’s request and not give out the medical card.



Part Two

Mary should remind Dr. Jerome of the patient-doctor confidentiality,as he is not Ida’s physicians, and ask him to seek consent from the patient before accessing her health information. This is to protect Mary and the health facility from any legal proceedings for violation of the patient’s privacy (Peterson 2018).The Conundrum of Caring in Nursing Essay

Part Three

On the instance of Dr. Jerome, Mary should approach the patient and seek their consent to disclose their health information to him. Suppose Dr. Jerome insists on seeing Ida’s medical chart before Mary seeks her consent. In that case, she should give the medical chart to him and report the privacy violation to her manager or register the complaint with the hospital system (Cohen& Mello 2018).

Part Four

The ethical principles involved in this scenario are Autonomy, which advocates for the respect of a patient’s wishes even if it conflicts with the medical ideals, nonmaleficence which advocates for competence in the medical field and reports any suspected violations and justice, which promotes equal treatment of all patients (Adams 2016).The Conundrum of Caring in Nursing Essay

Part Five

The legal regulations involved are;Patient confidentiality, which is regulated under law and any disclosure without the patient’s authorization, amounts to malpractice and can be prosecuted under the law of tort, and mandatory reporting regulation where healthcare workers are obligated to report any violation in medical practice (Cohen& Mello 2018).




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