Substance Use and Addictive Disorders Research Paper
Substance Use and Addictive Disorders Research Paper
Provide a comprehensive explanation of the selected subject (e.g., clinical definition, background information).

Address the societal and/or cultural implications of the chosen subject.
Discuss how the subject is related to one or more models of abnormality as discussed in Chapter 3 of the textbook.

SUBSTANCE USE AND ADDICTIVE DISORDERS Substance Use and Addictive Disorders Name Course Date 1 SUBSTANCE USE AND ADDICTIVE DISORDERS 2 Introduction • Proposed hook: Substance use and misuse remain a prevalent and ongoing behavioral health crisis as it is associated with numerous addictive or substance abuse disorders. • Background: According to statistics by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), approximately 275 million people used drugs at least once between 20102016 (Tran et al., 2019). Projections show that the prevalence of drug use and drug use disorders, including addictive disorders, will continue to increase. In the U.S, substance use and substance disorders are estimated to have a total cost of more than $420 billion annually and more than $120 billion in healthcare (McLellan, 2017). • Purpose: This paper purposes to examine commonly abused substances, the effects of these substances on their users, as well as the common addictive disorders that patients develop as a result of substance use. In the end, interventions will be presented. • Thesis: Substance use is a serious health issue in the U.S healthcare system and it causes not only financial losses to the country but also numerous issues, including addictive disorders, which greatly affect the overall functionality of individuals, families and the community as a whole. Commonly Abused Substances • Alcohol and marijuana o This is the most widely abused substance in the US. More than 34 million people in the United States admitted to binge drinking (McLellan, 2017). Taken in the form of beer, wine, and distilled liquors. SUBSTANCE USE AND ADDICTIVE DISORDERS 3 o Marijuana is the second most commonly used drug in the U.S. 35 million Americans smoke marijuana every year (McLellan, 2017). Either smoked or taken as an edible. • Prescription drugs (Opioids) o More than 15 million Americans engage in non-medical use of prescription drugs. Opioids are most abused (McLellan, 2017). Opioids are most abused, followed by sedatives/tranquilizers and third are stimulants. Effects of Substance Use • Psychological and medical effects o Chronic anxiety, depression, memory loss, insomnia, hallucination, addiction, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, seizures, stroke and liver and lung damage (Abdullahi & Sarmast, 2019). • Social and physical effects o Loss of jobs, domestic violence, involvement in crimes, child abuse, child neglect and abandonment and sexual abuse, financial losses, injuries and suicide (Abdullahi & Sarmast, 2019). Common Addictive Disorders • Categorization o Substance abuse disorders can range from mild and temporary to severe and chronic. Severe and chronic substance use disorders are referred to as addictive disorders (McLellan, 2017). • Common Addictive Disorders SUBSTANCE USE AND ADDICTIVE DISORDERS 4 o Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, Depression, alcohol use disorder and Anti-Social Personality Disorder. o Manifestations of the above substance abuse disorders are associated with longterm use and addiction to various substances, including those mentioned above (McLellan, 2017). o Different substances cause particular addictive disorders. However, the frequency and amount of intake determine the severity of addictive disorders. Conclusion • Highlight and discuss interventions to curb substance use and addictive disorders o Rehabilitation, where psychotherapeutic treatment for dependency on psychoactive substances is administered, will be addressed. CBT, behavioral therapy and group therapy will be discussed here. o Community education and laws to reduce drug use will also be addressed. o A comprehensive approach to this issue will also be proposed. SUBSTANCE USE AND ADDICTIVE DISORDERS 5 References Abdullahi, A. M., & Sarmast, S. T. (2019). Substance Abuse: A literature review of the implications and solutions. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, 10(10), 1233-1238. McLellan A. T. (2017). Substance Misuse and Substance use Disorders: Why do they Matter in Healthcare? Transactions of the American Clinical and Climatological Association, 128, 112–130. Tran, B. X., Moir, M., Latkin, C. A., Hall, B. J., Nguyen, C. T., Ha, G. H., Nguyen, N. B., Ho, C. S., & Ho, R. C. (2019). Global research mapping of substance use disorder and treatment 1971–2017: Implications for priority setting. Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy, 14(21), 1-14. Substance Use and Addictive Disorders Research Paper

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