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10900PLEASE create a separate cover page with name, date, class, etc. On the paper, only include the section titles… “Summary of the Company and Facts” (first 2 pages) and “Problem Identification” (3rd page).
Summary of the Company and Facts (i.e., symptoms of the problem)
This section should describe the symptoms of the problem by discussing the company and its people. (when it was founded, profit margins, etc..) You must present the company and its people in such a way that your audience can tell what the company is doing well and where there is room for improvement. It should be clear to your audience, after reading this section, what the problem area(s) is (are). THE PROBLEM I WILL FOCUS ON IS UNIONIZATION ISSUES AMONG THE EMPLOYEES. This section should be about 2 pages in length.
Problem Identification
This section should identify the major problem or problems in your company. It should include a concise statement of the major problem or problems you see in the company.
Some questions to ask when formulating your definition of the problem are:
1. Have we identified the basic problem(s) or am I dealing with the symptoms?
2. If we have identified more than one problem, are they separate or related?
3. Are we putting ourselves in the manager’s shoes and looking toward future actions?
This section should be about 1 page in length.

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