I am a student at Norwalk Community College (NCC), where I study math/science as a major. Understanding that knowledge is vital, I have also enrolled for additional classes at Gateway Community College. Unlike the full-time students, I have a work schedule, and I have to balance my work and schooling. I have been working in the construction business, which is a business I own. Usually, I work full-time, which amounts to 58 hours per week, which includes Saturdays. Despite my work schedule, a Webex can be scheduled since my working hours vary. Although the construction business has been beneficial to my family and my life, I no longer enjoy being part of this industry Speech Introduction Paper Example. This is the primary reason I decided to go back to school and study another course to work in a new challenging industry. With the knowledge acquired from NCC, I hope to begin a new career that will contribute to my personal development.


I am a family man married to one wife with two kids. My first-born child is Kalina, eight years old, and my second-born is Kevin, who is two years old. I am the only breadwinner in the family. With business booming, I have managed to sustain my family during the pandemic. I hope that with my new career, I will manage to attain tremendous success like I have achieved working in the construction industry. Thinking of the pandemic, I cannot complain since the construction industry has been favored. Many organizations have taken advantage of the pandemic and have decided to upgrade and renovate their offices since a significant majority of the employees have been working at home Speech Introduction Paper Example.

For fun, I love going to the gym, hiking, and traveling. I have been traveling with my family, and I have had domestic and foreign trips. Three years ago, my family and I took a road trip to four different states, namely Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. One of the places I love is the Canyons and notably the Zion National Park plus the Monument Valley. Other than traveling, I recently started training calisthenics, which are gymnastic exercises to keep fit.

English is not my first language. For this reason, it has been one of my weaknesses. My expectation about this class is that I will gain significant knowledge that will help me be more fluent in my English speaking and writing Speech Introduction Paper Example.

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