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My favorite sport is soccer. I love playing and watching soccer, as many exciting aspects take place in the field of play. For instance, scoring goals and making creative moves against the opponents are significant moments in soccer, and there are the power and happiness that comes by scoring and winning games. I am particularly interested in Barcelona club as it has a spectacular display of football and some of the greatest players in the world. For instance, Lionel Messi, Gerald Pique, Suarez, Neymar Jr., and Antonio Griezman are some of my highest football prayers that I love watching. I started playing football while in school, and I still enjoy praying the game to date. I like playing in the attacking positions where I can score goals and feel great. Losing a game is a disheartening moment for me, and I believe this is the reason I support Barcelona as they rarely lose their essential matches. Also, I like soccer because it teaches me about personal discipline and responsibility Soccer my Favourite Sport Essay. This is because, at the time, one gets furious and has to control the anger or else get a yellow or red card.


Sport has significant value to me as it enhances individual healthy through the physical exercises. These are important in helping me keep fit. Also, sport is an essential way of passing my leisure and also a source of pleasure. These benefits are all stated in the lecture notes, “Sport is more than entertainment, exercise, games or a pastime.” Sport is also an import thing that is best showcasing cultural activities, power arrangements, and even norms. For instance, football makes persons from diverse cultures interact and play together in the event cultural practices from different places are exchanged Soccer my Favourite Sport Essay.

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