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Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) not only lead the way with respect to mortality rates at a global level but also account for the majority of deaths in high-income countries. According to Bashir (2021), the most common causes of death in Saudi Arabia are ischemic heart disease, road injuries, stroke, chronic kidney disease, lower respiratory tract infections, Alzheimer’s disease, conflict and terror, cirrhosis, neonatal disorders, and diabetes mellitus. Research Poster critical Case Study

Select one of the causes of death listed above, then assemble a research poster specific to your selected topic and how it progressed to a goal in Saudi Vision 2030.  Approach the topic as if you are gathering sources to present this research at a conference.  Be sure your references address: Research Poster critical Case Study


How is your selected cause of death addressed by Saudi Vision 2030?

What are some of the methods in obtaining research and data for shaping KSA policy regarding your selected cause of death?

Any challenges to collecting evidence-based information.

  • Health policy laws implementing positive social changes in this area of healthcare.
  • What is the importance of this information?
  • Why is your selected cause of death relevant to your audience or field of study?
  • How is it applicable beyond these contexts?
  • Reference
  • Bashar, S. (2021). Leading cause of death in comparison to COVID-19
  • in Saudi Arabia. European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences25, 2468-2469.    Research Poster critical Case Study                                      St Thomas University Pharmacokinetics Case Study
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