Reducing the Risk of Chronic Diseases and Aging Essay

Case study 8.

Question 1.

According to research, healthier diets are necessary for reducing the risk of chronic diseases and aging (Shlisky, 2017). Therefore, Mrs. Ys should make changes to her rehab diet by reducing the amount of sugar, calories, and processed foods. The rehab foods she is having, such as Graham crackers and ice cream, contain high levels of sugar, salt, and calories. These extremely high levels are responsible for an increase in weight or the development of obesity, affecting her ability to regain her pre-illness function. She should replace a majority of her dishes with fruits, vegetables, and low-calorie foods.



Question 2.

Due to Mrs. Y’s condition and age, she should focus on having meals prepared at home since she is aware of all the ingredients used. She should also focus on reducing her workload to have enough time to relax and exercise. Exercise is essential since it helps slow down aging by maintaining muscles, bone health and function, and immunity. Reducing the Risk of Chronic Diseases and Aging Essay

Case study 7.

Question 1.

I would like to know more about the diets that Mr. J takes every day, the interval, and the type of exercises he involves. I would also like to know about his BMI, any health issues that he might be having, and his work. This information is crucial in designing a healthy diet that will help him control falls that come with aging.

Question 2.

Since he can cook at home, I would advise him to continue cooking for himself, but focus on reducing calories from his body might not be very efficient in converting them into energy. I would also focus on the importance of vegetables and fruits as many people undermine their importance when they want to maintain muscle mass and avoid excessive weight gain (Shlisky, 2017). Reducing the Risk of Chronic Diseases and Aging Essay





Shlisky, J., Bloom, D. E., Beaudreault, A. R., Tucker, K. L., Keller, H. H., Freund-Levi, Y., … & Meydani, S. N. (2017). Nutritional considerations for healthy aging and reduction in age-related chronic disease. Advances in nutrition, 8(1), 17. Reducing the Risk of Chronic Diseases and Aging Essay


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