Preliminary Interview

2. (a) Apart from digital evidences, testimonial by the people nearby is one of the process of obtaining information and this process is called as the Preliminary Interview.



Preliminary Interview is conducted separately to identify all persons available at the scene and record their location at the time of entry. Using your expertise as a forensic investigator, identify the information that should be acquired during preliminary interview. (c) You found an Android smartphone when you were seized a crime scene related to cybercrime. According to witnesses, victims are often bullied and threatened through social media. Therefore, you feel that the found smartphone must contains very important evidence in this case. (i) As a forensic investigator, propose the complete procedure of digital investigation starting from the time the smartphone was seized until to the prosecution process. (ii) Determine any digital forensics tools that you can use to aid your investigation. Provide justification on the tools selection. Preliminary Interview 

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