Poor Health Condition Essay

 Question a

Education was not readily accessible in the previous generation as it is now. This iswhy it is not uncommon for the elderly to have literacy problems. It is a significant problem because they cannot comprehend health information that makes them aware of their health status, making them ignorant. The ignorance exposes the elderly with literacy problems with poor health conditions, so they are overrepresented in the health care system.



The literacy problems are more terrible for the elderly are more represented in hospitals for various health conditions than the younger generations since they do not actively respond to treatment (Moale, 2019). The reason elders do not follow up on their health conditions is illiteracy, which means they do not understand their level of risk, so they don’t appreciate the health information issued to them by health care professionals. Poor Health Condition Essay

Question c

When dealing with illiterate patients concerning their health information, it is essential to devise how the health care provider can ensure that such a person comprehends the health information. The practitioner should speakslowlyto allow the patient to grasp the information being conveyed to them. Secondly, avoid any jargon and use it to understand language (Schillinger, 2005). The information should be shared with the patient in small, understandable portions per visit. The patient should be asked to explain what they have understood from the information about their health. Finally, the patient should be encouraged to ask questions, enabling them to grasp the information better.

Question d

The health illiteracy rates have a slight difference with the use of native language unless it is an extreme case where the practitioner is not a local and does not comprehend the local dialect. If the health information is not conveyed efficiently, there arises a discordance due to the inability to explain the patient’s condition. Poor Health Condition Essay



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