38664Project #2 PKI Certificates and RSAWrite a Python script that implements PKI Certificates and RSA Authentication.
Generate a fake root certificate whose public key will act as your Certificate Authority for both parties.
Using the Fake Root, generate a certificate for each party using openssl (or something similar) using RSA-1024. Keep the private key for each party locally.
You can (and should) use libraries for encryption and key generation.
The session key can be hardcoded string (unless you are feeling adventurous).
You can have both parties on the same computer if you like but I would like you to have two processes that communicate over IP (using a socket and localhost). This is a networking class after all. There are plenty of libraries for doing this in Python or whatever you choose to use.
General Steps:1. A reads A’s certificate from file. B reads B’s certificate2. A and B exchange Certificates3. A and B verify the identity of the certificates with the local CA (file)4. A encrypts a unique number and their ID with B’s public key from certificate5. B encrypts A’s number and a new number with A’s public key from certificate6. A responds with the second number encrypted with B’s public key7. A then sends a session key encrypted with A’s private key and B’s public key
Turn in:Source CodeRoot certificateA and B certificatesPDF of each party verifying the session key
——————————————————I have attached some work from this project. We were off to the right start, so hopefully, this is helpful.

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