Pathological Condition of Pregnant Women Essay

I believe that the induction is not justified and should only be used as the last option in this case. This is because; the only solutions that have been applied to Christi are the use of antihypertensive medications and bed rest. In order to overcome these challenges, I believe there should be some dietary approaches such as the use of less salt, fish oil, changing physical activities, and restricting the calorie intake together with enhancing calcium supplements. Through the use of fewer medications and engaging Christi in the most appropriate activities will help them to reduce the extent of the diseases. In addition, managing their psychological issues will be celebrated in helping them to achieve these health complications and reduce the risks associated with inducing delivery.



Yes, I believe that the pathological condition of pregnant women should be life-threatening in order to justify the inducement to prevent the child from dying. This is because the complications that come with the induced delivery are many, and thus, the conditions should be life-threatening to warrant one to perform this type of delivery. The induced delivery is a way of ensuring that the life of the child is secured within the little time possible as if the child dies even the life of the mother gets into danger. A threat to the mother that needs induction should be one that is known to cause harm to the child and the mother. The indication can be justified when the mother is experiencing high blood pressure, placental abruption, chorioamnionitis, fetal growth restriction, and other disorders of pregnancy. In addition, the mother should first get advice from the ob-gyn to be able to get the ideal nature of the complications for effective inducement. Pathological Condition of Pregnant Women Essay


Is there a need to consult a pregnant mother who is suffering from severe complications about their views, or should responsible health personnel go ahead and induce them?

What is the reason for inducing the mother and expose her to all these complications when a cesarean section method can be applied?Pathological Condition of Pregnant Women Essay

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