Organizational Structure.

In any organization, most especially big companies, like for instance, the Manchester United soccer team, it is essential to have committed management team for effective running of the club. In many occasions, managements are usually the ones responsible for the development or collapsing of an organization. According to Joseph (2017),  Manchester United soccer team is one of the commonly known club, not only in the United Kingdom, but also across the world since it came into existence in the year 1878. The club has been into existence for quite a while now, and they have won a lot of trophies since time memorial. From their success it is possible to say that the organization had a magnificent structure that enabled the team to be a globally distinguished soccer team Organizational Structure Example Paper. However, the soccer team experienced a great downfall in it’s history, when it was sold to the Glazer family, in the year 2003. Lee (1997) argues that the team has altered five different managers, and still has not been able to win the title since 2013.


Buggan (2019) brings to our attention that the main reason for the destruction of the team, is getting engaged with the improper structure of the association and poor planning when buying new players. When an organization is subjected to altering managers, it causes change of the team’s strategies, because, every new manager cropping in, comes with his own new strategic plan. This alters the production of the team. To solve this problem, it is important to trust the recent administrator, and by doing that, it will be possible to provide the club with the demands such as the financial aids so as to purchase the proper establish of players who are willing to work under his system and technique of play Organizational Structure Example Paper.Risk Management Plan for the Project of finding a Job after Graduation.

According to Shutub and Rosenwein. (n,d) a risk management plan is usually in form of a document that project manager in an organization prepares for the purpose of foreseeing the future demands and risks of a company. A risk management plan prepares you psychologically on the future demands one is most likely to encounter in a business environment. Different managers, most especially in an established organization, structures out a management plan for sufficient flow of ideas on how to develop the organization. As a graduate who is out for a job opportunity, is supposed to draft a checklist, mentioning the position, salary expectations, obligations, relocation, and responsibilities Organizational Structure Example Paper.

As a graduate, it is obvious that I had classmates and friends in school who had graduated earlier. It is important to follow up with them, involve in a conversation with them, discussing on what fields are suitable with my qualifications. This would enable room for me to expand my network of different companies, therefore, stand a chance to get employed. I would also upload my credentials in the online social amenities such as linkdin, twitter, among others, and also make use of my student portal. I would also bare in mind that there are chances of staying for some time without getting a job, this would enable me to watch my finances, and budget on what’s essential Organizational Structure Example Paper.


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