Obamas Deal Assignment Paper

 Obama’s Deal

Healthcare reform was a big part of Obama’s campaign, where he wanted to improve the quality of healthcare while reducing medical coverage costs. The initial plan was to offer healthcare services without being mandated to have medical insurance without being subject to health insurance penalties. However, to pass the bill,Obama was convinced to accept the Obama Health Care Reform’s medical insurance to work and pass-through Congress.



To pass the bill in 2010, Obama had to engage in many backroom deals that gave compromises to pass the healthcare bill. Obama and his then Chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel wanted to give Congress the power tocome up with the reform as a congressional buy-in, the front end to go through much easier. The White House would embrace the Congress’s hand in every phase of the mode with the West Wing’s team of experienced insiders who understood Washington’s inner working. He also tried to bring Tom Daschle to glue the entire bill together for Congress to pass, which failed as Daschle’s nominationwas rejectedduring the confirmation process. It was a strategy that Obama and his staff employed to ensure the smooth sailing of the bill, which failed, and he decided to take matters into his own hands when he invited interested parties in the meeting seven weeks into his term.

In the frustration of the bill dragging out, the president decided to go all-in against his staff’s advice and declared war with the insurance companies who ran advertisements to ruin the bill’s reputation. Several senators backed the insurance companies, but were forced to backdown when their demands were met through backroom deals in exchange for passing the healthcare bill. The Democrats lost their 60% majority after the deathofSenator Edward Moore Kennedy, and the bill looked very unlikely to pass since it was discussed for a long time, and more and more people werebecomingskeptical of the deal. Obamas Deal Assignment Paper

In passing the legislation through Congress, Obama decided to become the primary spokesperson for the bill and asked for Nancy Pelosi’s help gunner more democratic votes inthe House of Representatives. Obama also gathered membersfrom both the Republican and the democratic party live on tv to address some of their concerns with the bill to secure more votes that would pass the bill. The strategy by President Obama was all or nothing. Moreover, it was an approach of taking ownership of the healthcare issue and challenged everyone on both parties to look beyond politics and act right by the American people. Later on, he embarked on campaign tours for a month to promote the bill,forcing the Senators and Representatives to vote for the bill.

Question 2

After Kennedy’s replacement, the democrats had lost the Senate majority,but taking ownership and being on the driver’s seat helped convince enough congresspeople to pass the healthcare bill. The bill passed in Congress 219 to 212, with only Democrats voting to adopt the bill while Republicans voted to discard the bill. Congress was vital in passing the bill in that some of the democrats who were not for the bill were urged to vote for the bill since it offered more benefits for the common American to access quality affordable healthcare. President Bill Clinton was at the forefront of such a bill that failed to get an audience and shut down immediately. President Obama was successful because he took it upon himself to convince the Democrats in Congress to vote for the bill since they were the majority. Obamas Deal Assignment Paper

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