Nutrition Statement of Purpose Essay

 My aspiration to become a nutritionist began 20 years ago during the war when we got lunchboxes, which were precisely nutritionally made. The lunchbox was small, but it had all the nutrition we needed to keep up with our work. Since then, I have never looked back, and I have constantly used the internet and other credible sources to gather information associated with nutrition. The need to undertake a degree program has been a part of my dream, and the thirst for more knowledge has only been created by the volunteer work I have been doing teaching people on how to eat healthy meals that meet the balanced diet criteria. My clients have been asking me several questions that have necessitated the need to pursue a nutrition degree so that I can increase my knowledge and attend to the needs of my clients and others sufficiently. My volunteer work and experience when educating people about healthy eating has made me realize that many people within society may have money and still eat unhealthy meals. The rate at which adults and children are getting obese and overweight has inspired me to pursue this degree because I want to make a change in their lives and help them avoid contracting diseases that are associated with unhealthy eating. I believe that there is no limit to education and the only way out of ignorance is by going to school. My journey over the years has taught me that although I may think I know a lot, there is still room for more. Nutrition Statement of Purpose Essay



I find your University to be the best choice because of its professionalism and its amazing track record. The University has graduated into the nutritional world, many successful individuals, which inspires me to be part of such a fraternity. The vision of your institution guarantees the best level of nutritional education that I can acquire. It has been my aspiration for the longest time to be part of the nutritional field, and your University offers everything associated with this field. Graduating from your institution will grant me the opportunity to serve more people and make the world a better place, which always has been part of my goals. Your University has a positive track record that has consistently lived up to the institution’s vision. This has been actualized by the goals and objectives of the University. For instance, you have small classes that enhance the relationship between students and teachers. I believe that a positive relationship between a student and a teacher creates a positive learning environment, which facilitates proper learning and, subsequently, success. This aspect has intrigued me, considering many universities have classrooms that have many students. I want to be a part of this great institution because it has professionals who will take me through the course of my education. Your professionals have educated many great men and women who are making a difference in the nutritional world. They continuously challenge and help students perform excellently. With the diversity within your institution, I believe I will make an impact as I relate with others and contribute to the growth of your institution.

With robust knowledge from your institution, I will educate more people within the society concerning eating nutritional diets. It makes me feel sad when I see how people are constantly falling sick because of the lack of nutritional diet knowledge. I want to make a difference, and with this degree, I will be in a better position to help those within and outside my community to ensure people live a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition Statement of Purpose Essay


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