Nursing Response Assignment

I concur that Florence Nightingale made tremendouscontributions to the world of nursing. The emphasis of the Nightingale was correctly placed when she suggested that care should be addressed to the patient and not the disease. Based on this argument, the patient should be the center of the whole healthcare process. Caring for the patient has a positive impact on their mind, necessary for their healing process. By addressing the patient, a nurse can identify the needs of the patients at the moment and satisfy them (Deev et al. 177). The emphasis of Nightingale concerning the environment, nutrition, and sanitation was relevant in the nursing discipline. The environment in which people live has a direct impact on their health. For example, those living in a polluted environment where there are swamps and the air is toxic are vulnerable to contracting illnesses as opposed to those living in better environments. Nutrition is also another aspect, which is categorized as a social factor under lifestyle. Eating a healthy diet boosts a person’s immunity, which means the body has the necessary strength to fight diseases. Nursing Response Assignment



The theory advanced by Ida Jean Orlando-Pelletier about the deliberative nursing process is an advancement of the work of Nightingale. It emphasizes the role of the nurse in building a positive relationship with the patient so that the needs of the patient can be easily identified and attended to at all times. This places the patient at the center of the health system, shifting healthcare from being task-oriented to patient-oriented. Communication is a fundamental element in the care for patients, and the positive patient outcome can only be acquired whenever the relationship between the patient and nurse is good, as noted by Fülöp (62). Healthcare cannot be patient-oriented without excellent communication, which happens to be a process that requires the input of the patient and the nurse. These arguments advanced by these two theorists, thus, makes them the most significant theorists in nursing. Nursing Response Assignment



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