Nursing Research Methods Essay

Question One

The main reason I am pursuing a degree in nursing is that I enjoy helping people, and one of the best ways to do so is through nursing. Since my childhood, science has always been my strength. I have grown up nursing my relatives at home and helping those around me whenever they fall sick, which has ever created a fulfilling effect. Additionally, I wanted to pursue a course that was challenging, interesting, and one that makes a difference in the lives of people. Nursing happens to be a career that offers the chance to make a difference in an interesting and challenging way by handling patient issues. Diverse aspects are presented by the nursing profession, which challenges me to be a better individual and offers a chance to grow career-wise.



The nursing research course will equip me with relevant knowledge that will be useful in becoming an effective advocate for my patients and creating a better environment for them. The healthcare environment needs to be positive since it has a direct effect on the patients. As an advocate for my patient, my primary goal is to ensure they are satisfied and experience better outcomes. Through the nursing research course, I will acquire robust knowledge concerning evidence-based approaches, I can integrate into practice to help patients receive the best care possible. Evidence-based care is vital since it results in the application of methods that have been proven effective. Being part of the nursing research course will equip me with appropriate research skills. Researching is part of advanced practice. It is through research that modern knowledge is acquired. I hope to understand some of the nursing research methods that I can incorporate in practice to help revolutionize the healthcare sector by employing new strategies that increase positive patient outcomes.Nursing Research Methods Essay


Question Two

For patients with hypertension (P), how does the use of telemonitoring (I) compared to not using telemonitoring (C) influence the control of blood pressure (O) within a period of six months after medication is initiated (T)? Nursing Research Methods Essay

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