Nursing Process Theory by Orlando Essay

Many theories have been established within the nursing field to help explain more about what should be done and how the nurses should operate. Of all the theorists, Ida Jean Orlando made the most significant contribution through her theory, the nursing process theory. Her theory continues to be applied to the current world because of the ideologies developed by Orlando. Orlando was born on August 12, 1926, and died on November 28, 2007 (Gonzalo,2019). Her deliberative nursing process theory changed the way nurses operate and stressed more on the role of the nurse in healthcare. Orlando stressed the need for nursing care to be patient-based, with the patient at the center of the health system and the nurse helping with all the needs of the patient to ensure patient satisfaction and a better outcome.



Orlando’s theory revolves around the development of positive relationships between a patient and the nurse. As such, Orlando suggests that the treatment process begins with establishing the relationship between the nurse and patient as a way to ease communication between them, as noted by Sampoornam (2015). According to Orlando, patients who are unable to cope with their healthcare needs require assistance because, without the assistance of the nurse, they become distressed, which gives them a feeling of helplessness. As such, the role of the nurse to the patient is to offer not only motherly but also a nurturing presence that aids in relieving the distress (Yekefallah et al, 2017). Orlando also adds that nurses should use their perceptions and intuition to identify the needs of the patient, and this can only be possible when the two have a positive relationship.      Nursing Process Theory by Orlando Essay

The nurse process theory is unique and describes the exact roles of nurses within the healthcare system. Following this theory has made nursing critical within the medical field and has significantly shown the importance of developing a positive relationship between nurses and patients. Orlando’s contribution to the nursing field will continue to be witnessed as long as the nursing field exists, making her the most valuable theorist in nursing.



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