Nursing Process Assignment Paper

In solving the healthcare problems or managing a change in the application of patient care, the nursing process is very integral. The process entails various steps, including assessment, analysis, and diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. These steps are significant and are depended on each other to initiate the process of change. To my peers, I will describe the process of nursing in managing change.



First, change requires the prior assessment of the person or the subject. Nursing assessment entails the collection of subjective and objective data (Vati, 2015).The subjective data is the information as described by the patient, while the objective refers to the doctors or the nurses’ observation. Assessment may include biographical information or the reasons for seeking healthcare and patient expectations. Nursing Process Assignment Paper

Second, analysis and diagnosis are done after an assessment has been done on the patient’s data. Data from an evaluation is applied in identifying the clinical problem of the patient. In this step, the nursing intervention is given as the patient is prescribed to medical treatments. More so, the medical diagnosis is made on the patients mental and physical conditions.

Third, the nurse plans the nursing activities and intervention for the patient through the planning step. This might include preparing for specific food intake to ascertain if the change might happen. Fourth, Implementation follows and is based on the collective effort of the members of the nursing staff. Implementation of the nursing actions may entail the consultation of other healthcare professionals in anticipation of a particular change.Nursing Process Assignment Paper

Fifth, evaluation follows, which is the last step of managing change and is based on the patient’s response to a particular treatment plan.Evaluation is done to ascertain the healthcare team understands the clinical problems and the interventions that lead to management of change. For my peers following these steps of the nursing process, the right move is obtained from these steps.

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