Nursing Pharmacology Assignment Paper

How would you handle a patient who wants to begin long-term PPI use?

The first step would be to discuss the existing health conditions of the patient. The use of PPIs may be harmful to some patients who have some preexisting health conditions due to the side effects caused by its usage (Strand et al., 2017). Understanding their health condition can help in making the best decisions. Also, it is essential to communicate with the patient and let them know about the side effects of using PPI in the long-term so that they can know what they should expect and how to use the information and PPI.



What would your discussion with them entail?

The discussion would be about the use of PPI. Patients need to understand every information about the medication they are about to begin. Malfertheineret al. (2017) note that an in-depth discussion about the drawbacks of the use of PPI would be part of the discussion so that the patient is well aware of what they are up against and the signs that would help them know they are experiencing side effects of PPI use.Nursing Pharmacology Assignment Paper

In what patients or disease states would you not recommend PPI use?

A patient with dementia and pneumonia because these are preexisting conditions that do not do well with the use of PPI (Nehra et al., 2018). Patients using medications that require an acidic environment for their absorption should not use PPI because of its reaction.

What if H. Pylori is found to be present?

If H. Pylori is found to be present, the patient should not be required to use PPI because it has a negative effect and may result in the development of gastric cancer, among other adverse side effects.




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