Nursing Home Comparison Matrix Essay

Characteristics River Bluff’s Compliance Program Gundersen Harmony Care Center Compliance Program
How internal monitoring and auditing is conducted After the execution of the observant program, the conformity officer, in partnership with the conformity committee, will manage the touchstone audit. Through consultation with the conformity committee, the conformity officer develops a plan for internal monitoring and also hires the appropriate auditing officer. Both the conformity officer as well as the conformity committee determine the number of times internal monitoring will be done.
How compliance and practice standards are implemented The conformity officer works together with the conformity committee to develop the compliance as well as practice standards. The compliance officer consults the compliance committee to develop compliance and practice standards.
The designated compliance officer, who that person reports to, and their relation with other organization’s governing board Senior Personnel Officer.

Reports to the Administrator as well as the Advisory Board of the firm.

Relates well with other governing boards such as the Compliance Committee, which helps the compliance officer perform his duties diligently. Nursing Home Comparison Matrix Essay

The conformity officer relay to the company’s Board of Trustees.

The relationship with other organization’s governing boards is excellent, such as the compliance committee and human resource department to enhance the company’s operations.

How employees are trained and educated to model compliant behavior Employees will complete an Acknowledgement of the compliance program. Refresher compliance training will be provided annually. Employees working in highly regulated departments will have additional training. Every attendance at the training session will be documented. The company offers periodic employee training. All employees enrolled for training are required to sign an attendance sheet. The compliance officer introduces the necessary regulations as well as developments necessary to model compliant behavior.
How violations or offenses are detected, reported, and corrected Once the employees identify any non-compliance irrespective of how minor it is, they should report either to the supervisor or the compliance officer. They can also report through the confidential hotline voice mailbox. The compliance officer consults the Human Resource Department and identifies whether the offense committed violates the standard of conduct. The violations are reported to the compliance officer and depending on the type of offense, disciplinary actions, as stipulated in the company’s policies, will be introduced, which at times could result in the termination of an employee.
How lines of communication with employees are developed The employees can ask questions to their supervisors or the compliance officer. Supervisors unable to answer the questions posed to them can confirm with the compliance officer for additional help.


The conformity officer is answerable for distributing the compliance program that stipulates the communication lines to all employees. The employees have to report to the compliance officer if they identify anything within the organization.
How disciplinary standards are enforced Any employee who commits and the offense will be disciplined irrespective of their position within the company. The managers, as well as supervisors, will implement the disciplinary standards.  Nursing Home Comparison Matrix Essay The disciplinary standards are enforced through the development of disciplinary policies, and the employees who violate any of the company policies are disciplined following the company policies.



The matrix above is a comparison between two nursing homes, River Bluff and Gundersen Harmony Care Center. There are several similarities as well as differences between their conformity programs. For River Bluff, the internal monitoring, as well as auditing, will be coordinated by the conformity officer in conjunction with the conformity committee, whereas for Gundersen Harmony, the compliance officer will hire the appropriate auditor to conduct the auditing, these two companies differ in the way they operate when conduct auditing and internal monitoring. River Bluff’s compliance internal monitoring and auditing is better because it is managed not only by the compliance officer but also by the compliance committee. Consequently, this is an excellent decision because the compliance program is implemented by both, which means they know whatever they want to be done within the organization. The two will critically assess the company’s performance in all risk areas. After acquiring the baseline results, these results will be sent to the Advisory Board and Compliance Committee that implements the standards as well as goals for inclusion in the organization’s quarterly compliance reporting. The internal monitoring will be conducted through the directions of the compliance officer. Any areas of interest will later be addressed through the use of a corrective action plan. To ensure that everything works out as expected, a follow-up will be conducted frequently. Through an annual compliance calendar, the company will conduct both formal and informal auditing as well as monitoring activities. Conversely, the internal monitoring and verification of Gundersen Harmony will be conducted under the supervision of the compliance officer. Notably, the conformity officer will consult with the observance committee. Whereas River Bluff manages the monitoring and auditing, Gundersen involves outside legal counsel. Nursing Home Comparison Matrix Essay

Concerning the implementation of compliance and practice standards, the two nursing homes are similar. The conformity officer, together with the compliance committee, develops the observance program and all the requirements before implementing it. Subsequently, this coordination between the two results in the development of a better compliance program, which is evident from their unique documents. They ensure that every detail is integrated into the compliance program. Additionally, they provide every aspect that is implemented for efficiency purposes. A compliance and practiced standard that is performed by the compliance committee,

as well as the compliance officer, is deemed to be effective and thereby ensure guaranteed success for the organization.

The two companies differ when it comes to the compliance officer. For River Bluff, the compliance officer should reveal to the Administrator and the firm’s Advisory Board, while for Gundersen, the conformity officer, reports to the Board of Trustees. Despite this difference, the underlying similarity is that in bothfirms, the conformity officer relay to a board within the firm. Subsequently, this ensures that the compliance officer does not misuse his or her powers. Moreover, with a board to report to, the compliance officer has to be careful when performing his or her duties. In Gundersen, for instance, whenever the compliance officer violates any of the company policies, he or she is liable to the board of trustees. Nonetheless, despite being answerable to different boards, the compliance officers in both firms share a similarity in how they interact with other boards within the company. For example, the compliance officer in River Bluff has a good relationship with the managers and supervisors, which enables them to work together. Conversely, in Gundersen, the compliance officer works perfectly with the human resource department and other departments within the firm to ensure all operations are running smoothly.Nursing Home Comparison Matrix Essay

How the employees are trained and educated is similar in both organizations. Period training is planned so that the employees can get more training so that they can model compliant behaviors. Through training, employees keep up with the compliance program since the compliance officers design the laws and regulations that suit the employees. For River Bluff, the training is taken a step further to enhance the functionalities of those working in higher-level areas. Also, they offer refresher training annually to ensure all employees keep up with the compliance codes of the organization. Periodic training is being provided in both companies, and the compliance officers set the dates in conjunction with the compliance committee.

Violations are part of the organizations, and thus, they both have a way to detect and report these violations. For River Bluff, the offense is detected by comparing it to the compliance policies. Since the employees are given refresher training to keep up with the compliance program, they are encouraged to report any type of violation irrespective of how minor they may consider it to be. They are required to report to either their supervisors or the compliance officer. A confidential hotline voice mailbox is provided as an alternative for the employees to report any misconduct. For Gundersen, the offenses are reported to the compliance officer who later says to the human resource department, and together, they determine if the offense violated the compliance policies. For both nursing homes, the violations are corrected through disciplinary measures as stipulated in the compliance program.Nursing Home Comparison Matrix Essay

The line of communication between employees is unique for every organization. Fir River Bluff, the employees are encouraged to communicate with the supervisors as well as the compliance officer. They are urged to ask any questions they may have to their supervisors. Whenever the supervisors are unable to answer them, they can always refer to the compliance officer for more information. Conversely, for Gundersen, the employees have to report to the conformity officer. The conformity officer creates the communication line, which is stipulated in the compliance program.

The disciplinary standards for both companies are enforced similarly. Both companies rely on their compliance program to discipline the employees who violate the stipulated policies. Through teaching the employees using the strategies, the disciplinary standards are enforced, and therefore, the employees remain vigilant and avoid committing offenses. Employees working for Gundersen could, in worst-case scenarios, be terminated from the company depending on the type of offense they committed.

The organization should consider River Bluff’s compliance program because it is more elaborate and straightforward to follow. Despite there being similarities between the two companies, River Bluff’s compliance program stands out more. It is more effective. Moreover, its compliance program is developed through the partnership between the conformity officer and conformity committee. They also produce and internal coordinate monitoring as well as auditing a share the outcome with the Advisory Board as well as compliance committee for the necessary implementations to be made. Additionally, the program encourages communication between the employees and their superiors. It also offers a hotline mailbox where employees can leave their concerns anonymously. Therefore, this is the best compliance program to consider. Nursing Home Comparison Matrix Essay

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