Nursing Gerontology Assignment Paper

Understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses

I have a good understanding of my strengths and weaknesses in terms of the traits of leadership. I have enough experience with administeringto determine which of the traits I am proficient with and those that I find challenging to maneuver in the workplace. I understand that leadership trait is required to ensure that activities are carried out efficiently in a health care facility. The traits enable me to be aware of my surroundings and keep updated with the team’s welfare.




As a leader, I own and live in the company values because I believe that to uphold its promise to its client, a nurse must adjust their work ethic to the company’s desire. I inspire people to aim and reach higher goals because I understand that their success is ultimately the success of the entire health care facility. I am keen on taking care of people, including the nurses and the patients, which is why I go out of my way to make sure that their needs are met to make the experience more accessible. Nursing Gerontology Assignment Paper


            Some of my weaknesses include trusting people since it is straightforward for a person to disappoint if you depend on them entirely to complete a specified task. People are unpredictable and operate on self-interest,so I cannot trust a health practitioner fully, and I tend to confirm if they are conducting their duties constantly. I am a week in making good decisions because the popular opinion easily sways me since I like to make sure all members are satisfied.Finally, I do not like taking responsibility for the mistakes of others since it might taint my work ethic image.


When I deal with my colleagues, I try my best to be honest and genuine to create and maintain a healthy relationship in the workplace. A good relationship will facilitate efficient collaboration on tasks due to an increased level of interpersonal understanding. I am primarily visible with my intentions when dealing with a colleague to know the expectations I have for them at any given time. Nursing Gerontology Assignment Paper


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