Nursing Evolution Mental Health Essay

Mental health is one of the issues affecting a significant majority of the population globally. As these cases continue to increase tremendously, immediate attention needs to be instituted to save mental health illness patients since evidence-based methods have been established to manage the issues. The healthcare providers involved in the management of mental health are the nurses. Nurses are the pillars of the healthcare sector since they offer effective services to save more lives and guarantee positive healthcare outcomes. Nursing evolution of mental health is paramount to help nurses, advance their services effectively and ensure they save more lives, and increase patient outcomes.



The nursing decisions can be supported with concepts and theories associated with biological, physical, and social sciences(Horntvedt et al. 2018). Biological, physical, and social sciences are essential in the evolution of nurses dealing with mental health patients. The decisions made regarding these sciences are always evidence-based, which means the practice methods involved are effective and guarantee a positive patient outcome. Evidence-based practices are fundamental since the practices have been tested and proved to be effective with little to no side effects on the patient. Horntvedt et al. (2018) argue that nurses’ role within the healthcare sector is to help patients get better through their services, which can only be made better through evidence-based practices supported by biological, social, and physical sciences.Nursing Evolution Mental Health Essay

To get to the mental health patients, communication is crucial. Nurse evolution must involve establishing effective communication styles that help them interact with their patients, families, and interdisciplinary teams. This communication is fundamental because it helps them identify any history about the patient, as Sibiya (2018) depicted. Families of mental health patients play a crucial role in their healing process. Usually, families are the individuals that spend most of their time with the mental health patients, and the information they have can be efficient in developing the best management approach to help the patient. Collaboration between the families and nurses is vital, and such cooperation is unattainable in the absence of effective communication. Nursing evolution should also be based on communication with the interdisciplinary health team. This team must be involved in the nursing practices as dictated by the healthcare ethics and principles.

The nursing and healthcare environment have changed due to the integration of technology. Patient care technology has revolutionized how patient care is advanced, and information systems have changed patient information storage. The provision of holistic care is possible by patient care technology and integrating information systems when availing nursing care. Using patient care technology translates to better patient care. Patient care system technologies can be efficient when addressing mental health patients since they help develop a positive healing environment (Liebovitz& Wu, 2017). Information systems can equip nurses with adequate information about the patient and additional information concerning the patient’s condition.This knowledge is relevantand has prepared me appropriately for the moment I graduate since I aspire to be a nurse. Through the mental health education, which has helped me understand more about physical and clinical assessment due to the emphasis placed on communication and use of patient care technology, I will have appropriate knowledge to use in the nursing care environment to help my patients.Nursing Evolution Mental Health Essay

Leadership is an essential attribute and one that every nurse should strive to acquire. When dealing with mental health patients, leadership is necessary to ensure the patients and their families feel comfortable, which is the first step in the healing process. A nursing leader in the mental health department oversees other nurses’ operations by constantly supervising them and making appropriate decisions. As a nursing leader, support for the rest of the nurses is crucial. In one of the mental health departments, the nursing leader integrated supportive skills through constant communication and providing the nurses with a platform to offer their views. This efficient strategy shows effective leadership since the leader understands the importance of motivating the nurses and how to support them when dealing with mental health patients. During the term, I have understood the importance of leadership. As an aspiring nurse, I believe nursing leadership is essential since the working environment requires individuals that are self-directed and this takes a person with leadership skill



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