Nursing Ethics Discussion Essay


Question a

During the pandemic, I provided care to the chronically ill patient population in the ICU. This was the most challenging time in my complete care since I witnessed the effects of the pandemic firsthand (Arentz, 2020). I had to equate with patients in a wholesome manner since they had no access to their loved ones due to how contagious the virus is, and they needed emotional support. I witnessed multiple patients succumb to the virus, which is hard to bear since I was present when they hang on with their lives due to the lack of a cure for their condition. Nursing Ethics Discussion Essay

Question b

The concern I had about providing care for critical patients is that they had no opportunity to see their loved ones before they died. I was concerned about how lonely the conditions were for the patients in their last moments as the illness to its toll on them. Similarly, the family members would constantly seek communication means with the patients, which could only be affected by the nurse on duty. I understand the panic of the pandemic caused people to react drastically to slow down the spreading of the virus. Still, there should have been measuredto ensure the loved ones could interact with the patients without running the risk of contracting the virus.



Question c

The code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statements indicates that the nurses should be accountable for their choices to be qualified enough to save a life during the administration of critical care. The nurse’s actions should be in the patient’s interest and so that they can have hope for recovery. In eventuality, they do not overcome the illness. The nurses should ensure that the process is as painless as possible. It is the nurse’s responsibility to make sure that the patient comes to terms with the possibilities to make informed choices concerning their condition. Nursing Ethics Discussion Essay

Question d

In provision 4, section 4.2 refers to the accountability for nursing judgments, decisions, and actions (Winland-Brown, 2015). The provision, expects nurses to uphold professionalism in their choices when addressing a patient’s care plan. For example, in the ICU, the patients needed to be monitored constantly for any signs of improvement to be transferred to HCU to create room for other critical patients. The scarcity of hospital resources required a nurse to make reasonable choices and be accountable to them to ensure that most of the people in need of the critical care services gained access.

The question of

Healthcare can be improved if the healthcare system becomes more prepared to handle the influx of patients witnessed during the pandemic. This means that the hospitals and other care institutions should have the capacity to rapidly expand their facilities and capacity to help accommodate and care for millions of patients, which would have reduced the number of deaths related to a lack of resources.  Nurses should have the highest quality of PPEs because it is a worrying sign if the public is looking to succumb to the illness. The pandemic should not be politicized so that the mobilization of resourcesis compelling. Nursing Ethics Discussion Essay

Question g

Principles of leadership that guide a nurse’s behavior include building individual accountability since the pandemic has high stakes, and all nurses should require minimal supervision. During the pandemic, efficient mobilization should be a priority, and it is done through good communication (Porter-O’Grady, 2019). By communicating with adequate, the leader will foster interdisciplinary collaborations in the effort of health promotion. Finally, a leader should be able to align the behaviors of the nursing staff with goals and values.


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