Nursing Ethics Assignment Paper


Nursing Ethics

Part One

Letter C

I find it interesting that when someone has a chronic illness, they become unmotivated and feel as if they are not in control. These patients feel as though their diseases are in control of their lively hood. I find this interesting because it made me empathize with such patients. After all, they must be undergoing tremendous pain. Healthcare can add to their pain by creating some ethical concerns is a challenge to the system, and it should be revised. I feel that healthcare providers need to devise measures to make sure they can ease such patients’ experience as pain-free as possible. “The reality of power imbalances between vulnerable-feeling patients and the persuasion of health care providers magnifies negative feelings of lack of control” (Butts, 2019, pg. 175). Even if the course of action the nurses are proposing is in the greatestattention of the patient, the health care providers should allow the patients to take control of their own health decisions if they are not meant to inflict self-injury.Nursing Ethics Assignment Paper



Pain from chronic illnesses is conjoined, which means if the pain is in a particular area of the body, it affects the whole person. This is why a person feels they are not in control of the pain since they cannot seclude it to the particular area that is affected. “Chronic illness results in a persistent, ongoing, and unhealing suffering, and if any inseparable part suffers, the whole person suffers” (Butts, 2019, pg. 175). The interesting thing about pain is that it demands a lot of attention from the bearer, which can be taxing on their livelihoods, causing them despair and a feeling of absence of control.

Part Two

Letter F

I agree with the sentiments made in the video “ethical issues in nursing – respect: dignity, autonomy and relationships”  that nurses have to apply ethical principles while dealing with patients considering the differences. “A nurse practices with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth and uniqueness of every individual, unrestricted by considerations of social or economic status, personal attributes, or the nature of health problems” (A.N.A, 2001, pg. 11). The nurse should overcome any challenges that might prevent them from treating each patient with the respect they deserve. There are many opportunities each nurse is presented with to foster healthy relationships with the patients, like putting into consideration their beliefs while offering care to them. I agree that a nurse might have their own opinions on how a patient should receive their health care, but they should prioritize what the patient wants in respect for the values and beliefs. Respect can also be shown by a nurse when they take the time to explain what the patient expects when they sign the consent form for treatment.

I agree a nurses should refer to their code of ethics when faced with a situation they cannot handle because the A.N.A code of ethics explains how nurses should handle most health care situations. This will ensure that there are no conflicts of interest with the patient. Complying with the patients will ensure the patient has autonomy in their health choices, which they make with all the information they receive from the nurses in liaison with their value system. I agree that ethical issues in nursing can be solved using the nursing code of ethics because they are meant to protect both the patients and nurses’ interests.



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