Is it time to join your dream medical school? Writing a first-class nursing admission essay that will convince the admission committee that you are the ideal candidate is part of the admission journey. Since this is your first time writing a nursing school admission essay, you might face different writing challenges. Our experts take pride in providing various informative nursing admission essay samples accompanied by nursing admission essay tips in our article below.

Before you drop out and lose your chance to join your dream institution, follow the article below to understand better how to write an essay for nursing school admission.

What is a personal essay for nursing admission?

A nursing admission essay is a document that students interested in nursing write to convince the admission committee why they should join their institution and express what drives them to this career path. This essay allows you to demonstrate your competency as a student and writer. Your nursing school admission essay should demonstrate why you are a deserving candidate for admission to the medical learning institution The best technique of standing out from other candidates as the best is writing about your personal experiences.

In most cases, a well-written nursing admission essay plays a crucial role. It increases your chances of joining the university more than your other credentials or application papers, such as GPA, reference letters, or school performance.

What should a first-class graduate nursing admission essay entail?

In your graduate nursing admission essay, you frequently incorporate events that have affected you personally, academically or an experience you encountered during your career. It could be a particular incident from your history, a summary of a few significant life events, or an analysis of your future objectives and desires.

Below is a list of ideas regarding what you should include in a nursing school application essay:

  • Specific reasons why the nursing sector fascinates you
  • Why do you choose a nursing program or a medical school specifically
  • Your dreams and ambitions for a successful nursing career
  • Personal achievements, such as outstanding test scores or achievements
  • Previous medical encounters and activities, such as volunteer programs, internships, or personal health challenges
  • Personality traits and academic goals
  • Additional reasons to accept your entrance

How to write an essay for nursing school admission

To secure a position in the institution, applicants must submit their admission essays written to the best level. This essay may also be referred to as a letter of intent or declaration of goal. In essence, the nursing admission essay is the applicant’s opportunity to formally request admission to the nursing program from the admissions committee. In their essays, applicants discuss why they want to become nurses and how this school will help them realize their goals.

Understanding the components necessary to produce a compelling admission essay for nursing school is crucial. Planning the essay attentively is one of the most crucial things candidates must remember. The success of the essay depends heavily on creating an outline of key points to mention. It’s critical to stick to the essay’s length limit that will easily convince the admission committee. If the application specifies between 500 and 1000 words, it is essential to express yourself within the given world limit. The application should contain details about the applicant’s past and anticipated future successes.

Consider using the following seven stages if you’re thinking about joining your dream nursing school and need to compose an A+ personal essay for nursing admission:

1.      Thoroughly read the given essay instructions

Before you begin working on your essay, you might need to write several drafts of your admission essay depending on the number of nursing schools or programs you apply to, as each one might have different requirements. After carefully reading the instructions, you must keep track of the requested word count minimums, maximums, or specific themes you must cover. Writing an informative nursing admission essay starts with following the rules, and customizing each one can display your dedication and drive.

2.      Select your essay’s topic depending on your experience

After having a brainstorming session, decide the details you want to include in your nursing admission essay. Some suggestions include your prior successes, goals for a nursing degree and profession, or a memorable instance of what caught your interest in pursuing a career in nursing. If there are word count restrictions, you might want to consider including your past, current, and future achievements and aspirations.

If there is a word count restriction, concentrate on the most compelling topic that best expresses your perspective on nursing. List potential topics and think about requesting advice from close family and friends.

3.      Draft a well-written and precise essay outline

As you develop and gather the necessary ideas and information for your topic, begin with a general essay outline and make revisions where necessary. An essay outline ensures you have a well-organized admission essay, keeps you on track, and guides you as you complete your nursing admission essay. Consider developing an outline for your essay’s various sections and paragraphs and any instructions-specific requirements.

4.     Personalize your essay

Using personal experiences as your nursing school admission essay examples helps demonstrate your authenticity and a genuine glimpse into your personality, giving the admissions officer a chance to determine whether you’re a good fit for the nursing program offered in their institution. Avoid overused words and clichés, and aim to create original, genuine, and natural information that the audience will read for the first time.

5.      Describe your personal traits

An A+ nursing admission essay highlights the importance of kindness, empathy, and care, which are essential traits for nurses. Choose a personal narrative that demonstrates how you have consistently displayed these traits throughout your life and how they have inspired and motivated you to pursue a profession in nursing. Share your favorite recollections, for instance, of when you volunteered at a nursing home or how you looked after a parent or sibling while they were unwell or recovering.

6.      Develop a draft before writing your final document

Once you have developed your admission essay outline, you can now begin writing your essay while keeping in mind that it won’t be your final document. Starting is frequently the most challenging face when writing your nursing admission essay; the more you write, the more you sharpen your skills. As you write, it is always important to write in brief paragraphs to make it easy for your audience to read your document and divide the content into further paragraphs as necessary.

7.      Edit your paper thoroughly

Ensure you have the correct spelling, formatting, grammar, and sentence structure before submitting your essay and application. Consider using a computer spell check program first, then printing a paper copy to check for anything it might’ve missed and reviewing it more than once. It’s also a good idea to ask a friend, colleague, or family member to proofread your essay or ask for their feedback and advice. Keeping your essay free of errors can make a stronger impression on the admissions counselor reading it.

The essential components of a nursing school admission essay

You should prepare the experiences and ideas you want to express in your admission essay for nursing school writing it. Below we have drafted a list of how your nursing admission essay format should be. If your institution does not request that you respond to a particular question with your essay.


You should explain how you arrived at this position in your first paragraph. Your admission essay is your school’s primary tool to get your information as their candidate. Your introduction ought to contain items information on:

  • What motivates you to become a nurse?
  • How did you initially become interested in nursing?
  • What do you hope to accomplish with your nursing degree?

Your primary objective in this introduction should be to identify yourself and provide the admissions committee with some history of your interest in nursing. These are all excellent examples of origin stories: you may have a family member who encouraged you to study nursing, you may have grown up close to a hospital, or you may have personally experienced health problems. Ask yourself, “How would my path toward nursing school begin if it were a movie?”


You can briefly discuss your accomplishments in the paragraph or paragraphs that make up the body of your nursing school admission essay. However, you shouldn’t only mention your accomplishments in this section. Consider how your experiences helped you acquire the skills you’ll need for nursing school. Include elements such as:

  • How have your experiences enhanced your interest in nursing
  • How do your accomplishments make you a suitable fit for the program
  • What particular aspects of the nursing course intrigue you.

Most of the information and ideas you wish to present in your essay should be in the body section. Achievements should only be listed if they clarify how you will contribute to the program. Any other accomplishments that aren’t relevant here will be listed in your resume.


Your resume’s conclusion needs to be upbeat. Consider summarizing your argument by focusing on the impact your input will bring in the future. Include elements such as:

  • Your goals for the future after nursing school
  • What can you provide to your nursing program

It would be best if you concluded your body paragraphs with a statement about your future goals in nursing before moving into your conclusion. Your admission essay’s closing sentences should express your enthusiasm for your program and how your desired institution will be a superb fit for you.

Nursing admission essay tips to consider when writing yours

Before discussing our suggestions and examples, let’s discuss what not to include when writing a personal essay for nursing admission. These nursing admission essay tips should be considered when writing your admission essay.

1.      Keep your essay simple and precise

While writing your nursing school admission essay, keeping the prompt in mind is always essential. Your admission essay should include facts about your experiences and traits. As previously said, a nursing admission essay outline shouldn’t be longer than two pages.  Just be sure to confine yourself to the pertinent portions of your account and avoid going into too much detail about subjects unrelated to your application.

2.      Ensure your CV is authentic

Your nursing admission essay is an essay and not a résumé. Remember that your CV, transcripts, and other application papers list your accomplishments. Acknowledging your motives and passions is essential for your personal essay for nursing admission only if you can expound on how they directly aided you on your path to joining your dream medical learning institution. You can also use information and data from your CV to further establish your interest in the program.

Different informative nursing college admission essay examples

Below are two superb nursing school admission essay examples that you can use as a cheat sheet when writing your essay. We’ve also explained why this sample application essay for nursing school admission is the best.


“My arms carried the wheelchair’s weight as I slowly observed by steps down the hill moving backward and wheels rolling in the opposite direction. As my grandma sat in the wheelchair, sunlight glistened in her hair and swirled through the trees surrounding her. Although I couldn’t see my grandma’s face from that position, I could hear her giggling with delight as she spent her first day outside in weeks.

After experiencing a hip injury, my grandma moved in with my family two years ago. My grandmother spent most of her recuperation time at our house. Still, Nurse George visited daily to take care of her personal needs, keep an eye on her vital signs, and help with her physical therapy activities. George also showed me how to balance a wheelchair correctly when going downhill, among other fundamental patient care techniques. I had never thought about being a nurse, but George showed me the benefits of helping people overcome their illnesses and injuries by delivering caring services.

I’ve learned the significance of empathy and communication through my experiences aiding my grandma through her injury. My mentee’s main objective and joy were when someone bent their ears and followed their instructions. I try to provide a welcoming environment for people to tell their stories. Patients value working with accommodating and considerate staff, regardless of whether the medical condition is emotional or physical. I think that by attentively listening and allowing patients to speak at their own pace, I exhibit these attributes.

The author, in this instance, did a fantastic job of detailing their journey to nursing interest and understanding the different attributes he gained from his experience. They also create a detailed history of what happened from when they first considered becoming a nurse to when they started honing their abilities through voluntary work. The applicant also provides detailed justifications for their interest in the course and how they feel they may benefit the institution and their chosen field.

You can steal some killer points and ideas from the above nursing admission essay example to ease your way when writing yours. For more nursing school admission essay examples, visit us at

FAQs: How to write an excellent nursing admission essay

Below is a list of FAQs and responses regarding the process of writing an eye-catching nursing admission essay.

1.      Is writing a nursing school admission essay a requirement for all schools?

Almost all nursing programs demand a personal statement, usually described as a brief essay that takes a 500-1000 word count outlining who you are and what drives you to enroll in the nursing degree at the institution.

2.      What kind of essay is a personal statement for nursing school, or is it a CV?

A nursing school admission essay is an informative essay that summarises your past, present, and future accomplishments concerning nursing, which is correct.

3.      What is the recommended number of words or pages for a nursing admission essay?

The word count requirements vary according to the nursing school and are usually stated in the prompt. If no length is requested, it is advised to keep it to two pages or at a range of 500-1000 words.

4.      What are the necessary information and elements to include in my nursing school admission essay?

Below is a list of the essential components and information to include in your essay:

  • What are your main drivers of becoming a nurse?
  • Why is a nursing program your preference?
  • Explain how and what your experiences have helped you learn about nursing.
  • Specify your reasons why you are interested in pursuing the program in your institution
  • Your plans for contributing to the program and the nursing profession

If the medical learning institution gives a specific question, you should address it when writing your essay.

5.      Do nurses need to write personal statement essays?

Yes, personal statement essays are required for most nursing degree applications, and some also call for additional essays to help them understand you as a candidate.

6.      When is the right time to write my nursing admission essay?

As soon as you receive the offer or prompt from the school, it would be best if you start writing your admission essay by following the instructions. Give yourself enough time to finish your application to meet each part’s deadline

All in all

From the article above, it is evident that your nursing admission essay should be precise, factual, and informative. With the help of the given concrete nursing admission essay examples, we hope you can now maneuver your way to writing a top-notch nursing school admission essay. If you get stuck in the writing process, don’t hesitate to seek nursing admission essay help from our experts at

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