Nurse Leadership Discussion Essay

The nurse practice act is an Act established by the state to ensure the nurses are fully qualified when they begin working. The healthcare sector is an important sector within the economy because it caters to the health of individuals within the state. For this reason, those who are employed within the industry must meet specific criteria established by the state legislature under the healthcare Act. The Nurse Practice Act in Tennessee has multiple requirements that every nurse must meet, and the Act affects the practice of nursing as a registered nurse (RN) as a profession and at the individual level. Nurse Leadership Discussion Essay



The Nurse Practice Act requires that a registered nurse fills in a specific application for a licensure examination. This affects the practice of nursing at the professional and individual levels. To become a licensed registered nurse, the requirements under the licensure examination must be met. One of the requirements is to have the nurse fill out the form, indicate their name, and have a recent photo sent to the Board of Nursing (RULES OF THE TENNESSEE BOARD OF NURSING, n.d.). This is meant to ensure the nurse is registered by the board and approved to be one of the nurses in Tennessee. This affects nursing practice at the individual level because an individual gets a chance to boost their career by becoming a registered nurse. Another requirement is for the aspiring nurse to have the application to become a nurse in Tennessee completed by one of the officials in the school where the nurse graduated. This is essential, particularly when registering a nurse on the board to start their official practice. Such an action eliminates the chances of committing fraud. The official within the college where the nurse graduated fills in part of the form to verify the aspiring nurse was at the institution and graduated there. This affects the profession of the registered nurse positively since it guarantees them security as professionals. It grants them the chance to practice at the registered nurse level since the board approves them as individuals who met the criteria and have gone through the learning process to become nurses.

Renewal of a licensee as per the Nursing Practice Act affects a registered nurse positively. Renewal must also meet the criteria set by the state of Tennessee. The license issued gets to expire after a specific period after which the registered nurse is expected to renew it (RULES OF THE TENNESSEE BOARD OF NURSING, n.d.). The due date is the last day of the nurse’s birth month as per the biennial renewal system of birth dates. The nurse has not been practicing for about five years, and the state requires that the nurse proves competency in handling patients, which may take place in the form of nursing re-examination. This renewal of the license affects the profession of a registered nurse positively since the nurse must meet the criteria to become a qualified nurse. It is a chance to continue building a career. For those registered nurses who have been out of the profession for some reason, the Act affects them at the professional level because they must show their competency. Additionally, they are granted the chance to continue practicing. Nurse Leadership Discussion Essay


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