This module provided an overview of the stages of change encountered during the course of the lifespan. We learned the importance of understanding human development from both stage and holistic perspectives.

In this assignment, you will use a case-study approach to interview three individuals at different life stages, including a child or adolescent, an individual in early to middle adulthood, and an individual in late adulthood. The purpose for conducting the interviews is to gather and analyze data to support the design appropriate health and wellness education programs for each age group. Kean University Stages of Change Case Study


Compose an introduction and conclusion for your paper.

  • Follow the steps to complete the assignment.
  • Step 1. Conduct three case study interviews – (1) child or adolescent, (2) individual in early to middle adulthood, and (3) individual in late adulthood.
  • Step 2. Design interview questions to enable you to address the following:
  • Identify the lifespan stage of the individual.

Describe the overall general health of the individual.

Describe health needs of the individual.

Step 3. Summarize and analyze the data collected in the interviews.

Step 4. Based on the data, conclude your paper with potential health and wellness program ideas to address the needs of each lifespan stage.

Step 5. In your final submission, include the interview questions as an appendix.  Kean University Stages of Change Case Study

Application And Interpretation Of Public Health Data

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