International System Given In US Dollars

You are required to write a code that requests the user to enter four integer numbers that represent: Study Major, Type of Study, Credit Hours, and Semester in this order. The correct accepted range for each of the four numbers is given below: – Study Major: 0 for medical majors, 1 for engineering and IT, 2 for financial and administration, 3 for social and art, and 4 for other majors. – Type of Study: 0 for Regular, 1 for Parallel, and 2 for International. – Credit Hours: an integer between 1 and
21. International System Given In US Dollars


– Semester: 0 for Fall semester, 1 for Spring semester, and 2 for Summer semester. If the user enters any of the four numbers outside its correct range, the program must output Invalid. Otherwise, the program outputs the sum of the tuition fees and all other miscellaneous fees for the user. The tuition fees per credit hour for each study major and type of study are given in the table below. Notic: that the tuition fees for the Regular and Parallel systems are given in Jordanin dinar (JD), while the tuition fees for the international system is given in US Dollars (\$) International System Given In US Dollars

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