Essays are one of the most dreaded assignments in colleges and universities, especially when it comes to writing an exemplification essay. You need to put all the comfort aside, engage in deep research, and write an outstanding exemplification essay to earn that A+. But how do you do that? Here is the latest guide on how to write an exemplification essay formulated by the top academic writers in the industry.

What Is an Exemplification Essay?

Let’s start with the basics and define what an exemplification essay is. Writing that uses specific instances to illustrate a larger point is known as an “exemplification essay.” It is essential to use evidence in the form of figures, quotes, examples, and, most importantly, facts while writing this essay. However, when writing an exemplification essay, you are tasked with concentrating solely on illustrative material. Let’s have a look at the structure of an exemplification essay.

How to Write an Exemplification Essay?

Are you stuck on how to write an exemplification essay? Have you been tasked with writing an exemplification essay and need a starting point? The foundation of an effective exemplification essay lies in its pre-writing stages. By adhering to these guidelines, you should be able to craft a compelling exemplification essay. Here is how to write an exemplification essay step by step

1. Select your topic

Choosing an exemplification essay topic that is interesting and relevant to the audience is crucial to writing a decent essay. Spend some time on it and pick something that hasn’t been covered. Neither too broad nor too narrow will do for your theme. It’s much easier to find strong good exemplification essay examples in broad areas because of their breadth than in narrow ones.

2. Brainstorm ideas

After settling on a topic for your exemplification essay, the next step is to generate ideas. Try to come up with examples and arguments to support your main claim. Conceive the subject from the perspectives you want to see it described. Write down anything that’s on your mind right now.

Your essay’s principal perspective will be determined throughout the brainstorming phase. Your major argument will serve as the thesis statement for your whole exemplification essay.

3. Choose appropriate exemplification essay samples

After brainstorming potential essay topics, the next step is to do some research. Find credible sources to back up your claims. Do in-depth research to back up the claim you make in your essay.

If you devote more time to study, more evidence will support your thesis statement in an exemplification essay. Always refer to established newspapers, peer-reviewed journals, books, etc., as reliable sources of knowledge.

4. Create an exemplification essay outline

An exemplification essay outline is a good place to start while writing an essay. Knowing exactly what you want to include in your essay before you start writing is a good idea. The outline provides the framework that gives your material its shape and significance. An outline is useful for transforming a mountain of unstructured information into a coherent paper.

You can now create an exemplification essay outline by categorizing the data into distinct sections. Each paragraph of your essay should adhere to the 5-paragraph style and contain the following:

    1. Introduction
    2. Body Paragraph1
    3. Body Paragraph 2
    4. Body Paragraph 3
    5. Conclusion

After completing an exemplification essay outline, you can move on to drafting the essay.

5. Write the Exemplification essay introduction

After writing, the exemplification essay introduction, begin the actual writing. The first part of an example essay is the introduction. To set the stage for the rest of the essay, you should introduce the main concept here.

A “hook” is a statement made at the beginning of the introductory paragraph. An essay’s hook is a sentence or line that interests the reader. Based on the context, a hook could be a humorous quip, fact, anecdote, statistic, or quote.

Once the hook has been established, a concise summary of the essay’s central idea, which will be developed further in the body, follows. Provide additional justifications for this topic selection. The essay’s introduction is crucial because it sets the stage for the rest of the paper. You should also specify these readers in this section, as they will most appreciate the article. State your position on the topic as a thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph.

Create a compelling and debatable thesis statement for your exemplification essay introduction. To convince your instructor, the evidence you present must be convincing.

6. Write the exemplification essay body

In this part, you must provide more detail about the information you alluded to in the introductory paragraph.

The standard 5-paragraph essay structure requires a minimum of three body paragraphs. Every paragraph is dedicated to a separate piece of evidence that backs up the argument. Here, the topic sentence of each paragraph serves as the introduction.

Explain the point after the topic sentence. A solid illustration backs up the exemplification essay’s main argument. In an exemplification essay, use transitional phrases to link paragraphs for cohesion. Content flows more easily with the help of these transitional words.

7. Conclude the essay

In an exemplification essay, the conclusion comes at the end of the paper. Reading this section, you can get a better sense of the discussion in the body paragraphs. The last paragraphs restate the essay’s thesis and summarize the main issues discussed.

In the final paragraph of your essay, you should summarize your main points by reiterating your thesis. You can achieve this by quickly bringing readers back to the thesis. You want your readers to feel satisfied by the conclusion.

8. Proofread and Edit Your Essay

After you’ve finished writing, it’s important to go back and fix any mistakes you may have made. Doing so will help you identify the weak points in the article. Read the essay out loud to find any grammar and spelling errors.

Reread your essay until you are certain that it fully satisfies the assignment’s standards and contains no grammatical or spelling errors.

Exemplification essay introduction

The introduction is the best place to start when writing an exemplification essay. As a result, the first step is to create a hook that will entice readers to keep going. Anything that catches the eye and makes the reader want to keep reading can be considered a hook. You can use statistics, rhetorical questions, anecdotes, and quotes, as your hooks.

Reviewing an excellent sample of an exemplification essay might help you learn how to develop a strong hook if you are struggling to create one on your own. After that, it’s a good idea to provide some context for the topic and explain exactly what steps you intend to take moving forward.

Exemplification essay thesis statement

Finish your introduction with a crystal clear thesis statement once you’ve created the initial hook and introduced the readers to the issue. The thesis aims to compile all available resources and present them in an organized fashion.

The following are required components of a thesis statement: something you want to respond to, such as a declaration of fact, an observation, your viewpoint, or a query.

Exemplification essay body

Your supporting evidence for your thesis statement should be carefully planned and prioritized before you begin writing. It is recommended that the weakest statement or argument be placed at the beginning of the main body of the text and the strongest statement or point be placed at the conclusion. Remember that solid proof in the form of an illustration is required to back up each claim or statement you make.

In an essay, you can employ a variety of exemplification essay examples:

  • Hypothetical examples are made-up examples based on real data or concepts that help the reader grasp the meaning of the term or topic being discussed. The reader will be better able to picture the concept using this approach if it is tough to imagine.
  • More in-depth examples are preferable when conveying a more complicated notion or topic that defies concise description.
  • Present Concise ideas and concepts in the form of brief examples, which can be shorter and less descriptive.
  • To better convey your thoughts and ideas, it is helpful to include personal examples, which are examples drawn from your own experiences but are still subjective.
  • In the paper, you can incorporate a mix of the two to prove your views or use numerous, brief instances to illustrate your thesis. Gather as many instances as possible and decide which ones are most compelling.
  • Keep a sense of chronological or logical order in the article’s body.
  • Include illustrative examples that are both interesting and applicable. You should avoid reiterating mundane results. Find interesting cases to mention if you don’t want your research to be boring.

Exemplification essay conclusion

Summarizing the body text’s main ideas while writing the conclusion to an exemplification essay. Don’t simply recycle whole paragraphs of explanation. Provide a brief overview instead.

The conclusion should follow the summary and key results. Then, include a section that will stimulate thought and provide direction for future study. This need only be a sentence or two longer.

When writing an exemplification essay conclusion, keep in mind that it should provide closure to the paper, making it seem whole and giving the reader the impression that everything has been neatly tied together.

Exemplification Essay Topics

The following broad areas could serve as the topic for a strong paper: Here is the list of great exemplification essay topic ideas.

Educational Exemplification essay topics

  • Should the government control homeschooling?
  • Should parenting classes be taught at schools and universities?
  • Should instructors’ competency be assessed routinely?
  • Individualization can improve student performance.
  • How and whether school encourages patriotism
  • Should schools be held accountable for pupils’ poor performance?
  • Should school lunches be governed?
  • Early childhood education is crucial to a child’s cognitive development.
  • E-learning does not offer pupils the opportunity to attain the curriculum’s key objectives.
  • Standardized testing should be prohibited nationwide by educational institutions.
  • Preschool is essential for the development of social skills in children.
  • Certification programs have proven to be more beneficial than college degrees.
  • Should physical education be made mandatory? Should programming language be a required subject?
  • Should the state invest more in small classes or bonuses for instructors with large classes?
  • Foreign language study should be encouraged so that youngsters can develop global perspectives.
  • Should typing be taught instead of handwriting?
  • Since the beginning of the 21st century, a disproportionate focus has been placed on higher education.
  • Should schoolchildren receive sexual education?
  • Texting and its ubiquity have a devastating effect on the vocabulary of the typical individual.
  • Should a foreign language be a required school subject?
  • Should there be sporting scholarships?
  • Social media improves children’s reading, writing, and literacy skills.

Exemplification essay topics on culture

  • Cultural education is aided through travel.
  • Arts advocacy can contribute to the growth of a multiethnic society
  • Are colleges and universities effective in fostering a sports culture among students?
  • It is possible to harness the effects of art as a tool to build communities and cultural diversity.
  • Art therapy as a treatment for depression: does it work?
  • Do the mainstream media encourage nihilism among youth?
  • Should the federal government regulate morality in artistic works?
  • Exists true gender discrimination in contemporary popular culture?
  • Painting is extraordinarily good at encouraging originality and creativity.
  • Increasing employment prospects is a result of art promotion

Exemplification essay topics on Politics

  • When and how did politics first begin?
  • What methods do you know for reducing corruption in your country?
  • The effects of false news media outlets.
  • Are civil wars the result of national politicians’ failure?
  • Why do many people around the world believe politics to be immoral?
  • Totalitarianism: advantages and disadvantages
  • The environmental issue in your country’s politics.
  • Comparing electoral systems across the globe.
  • The government should modify immigration laws to enable more individuals to enter the country.
  • Are strikes and protests an effective means of influencing the government’s actions?
  • Weak media regulation regulations result in unethical politicians and their actions.
  • The negative influence of the rise of democracy on political administrations.
  • How would you describe the perfect political system?
  • The 20th century’s most significant political figure.
  • How do cultural norms impact politics in other nations?
  • Examples of post-election violence are when poor leadership decisions are made.
  • The problem of police violence and its pervasive impact.
  • The relationship between religion and politics.
  • Which is better for the global community: globalization or nationalism?
  • There should be a statutory cap on the number of corporations and individuals who lobby for political campaigns at the federal level.
  • Democracy: advantages and disadvantages
  • The political choice that has had the greatest impact on your country.
  • Why drugs should not be illegal
  • Psychological aspects of politics.
  • The use of terrorism as a political tool.
  • Political scandals: benefits and drawbacks
  • The influence of mandatory minimum sentences on crime prevention and reduction.
  • Should social movements have political influence?
  • There are links between politics and the media.
  • Relationship between morality and authority.
  • The federal government should not censor any type of artistic expression.
  • Does gender inequality affect politics in your nation?

Social Exemplification essay topics

  • Do social media platforms invade our privacy?
  • What languages should the United States recognize as official and why?
  • Is competition truly advantageous?
  • Do parental aspirations improve the academic success of their children?
  • Those with serious social problems, such as hoarding, should be obliged to seek professional therapy.
  • What negative effects does technology have on contemporary social skills?
  • Can the principles of socialism function adequately in the twenty-first century?
  • Do food corporations dictate our diets?
  • What are the role and obligations of corporations towards communities?
  • People’s excessive internet and smartphone usage results in social anxiety.
  • Is police brutality racially motivated?
  • Inequity in all its forms is the driving force behind human revolutions.
  • Should recycling be a requirement?
  • Should everyone participate in volunteer and charitable work?
  • Should modern toys be gender-neutral for kids?
  • Does the press invade the privacy of celebrities?
  • Should animal testing be legal?
  • Does our tax system equitably benefit everyone?
  • Is vaping as hazardous as cigarette smoking?
  • Could people ever survive without the Internet?
  • Do blogging careers have a future?
  • Should abortion be made illegal?
  • Is immunization for all individuals?
  • Children should never be subjected to corporal punishment.
  • Do individuals abuse their freedom to carry firearms?
  • Should all women have access to family planning and contraception?
  • Is the death penalty ever justifiable?
  • To achieve the highest levels of success, it is essential to remain true to oneself.
  • Does our educational system correspond with our culture?
  • Is consumerism a significant global problem?

Exemplification essay topics on technology

  • What negative effects does the development of new technologies have?
  • Security cameras breach the privacy of individuals.
  • The effects of smartphone dependency.
  • Internet usage has resulted in a decline in adolescents’ moral standards.
  • How will internet education affect the way that students learn?
  • Technology usage in educational institutions adversely affects students’ ability to think critically
  • As a result of the rapid evolution of technology, we constantly use computers, software applications, and other technologies plagued by bugs and malfunctions. Exists a solution?
  • The threats posed by autonomous automobiles.
  • Should individuals have microchips implanted beneath their skin?
  • How does our experience with social connections with other humans affect our interactions with machines?
  • How have COVID shutdowns, online education, and remote work altered our connection with technology?
  • Does the Internet require censorship or controls? If yes, what type?
  • What impact has COVID-19 had on medical technology? How will this affect our ability to combat other viruses and possibly cancer?
  • How AI can lead to the extinction of humans and worldwide unemployment
  • How are our brains and computers dissimilar?
  • How have social media helped solve and create problems in non-U.S. countries?
  • Will countries like China and North Korea be able to continue controlling citizens’ Internet and social media access?
  • Online dating services and applications increase the rate of kidnapping and other crimes.
  • When does genetically engineering a child become unethical?
  • The proliferation of academic dishonesty is a direct outcome of the expansion of technology
  • To decrease victimization and bullying, stricter regulations must be placed on the media
  • How will technology impact our lives twenty years from now?
  • Can video games assist in resolving global issues?
  • What impact does technology’s ever-increasing globalization have on the global economy?
  • Are children under 10 increasingly growing up in a world distinct from college students? How is it unique, and what does this imply for them?
  • Are organic foods healthier than genetically engineered foods?
  • What is the most crucial new technology for resolving global issues?
  • What are the long-term repercussions of a technologically advanced society? Are the majority of these negative or positive?
  • Why is the workforce negatively affected by automation
  • Do digital gadgets increase or decrease our productivity at work?
  • How do social media, texting, cell phones, and the Internet contribute to the expansion of the world? Smaller?
  • Should individuals in all nations have equal access to technical advances?
  • What are the capabilities of genetically modified food technologies? How does this compare to conventional methods of plant breeding?

The Bottom Line

An outstanding exemplification essay must have a stellar introduction, body, and conclusion. Spending time on writing the basic sections of the exemplification essay. No matter the exemplification essay topic you choose, you should use the outline and tips listed above. Sticking to the tips above will help you earn top grades in your essay.

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