Before you graduate from college, you will have to write at least one research paper. Do you have a question about how to write a research paper? It can be intimidating if you’ve never written an excellent research paper.

We’re prepared to assist. This blog will walk you through writing an A-worthy research paper.

Step-by-step guide for writing a research paper

Here are the steps and tools you’ll need to write a quality research paper and a checklist to ensure your work is good. Research writing can be difficult, but with practice, it can become an essential component of your academic and professional toolset.

  1. Get to know your assignment.

This may seem simple, but you must grasp your professor’s expectations before you begin writing your research paper. Many students skip this stage and are startled when their hard-worked paper receives a low grade.

It’s usually because they didn’t read the directions. Review the assignment in detail. Take a close look at everything your instructor has provided. Read the writing prompts, grading standards, and other materials you offered carefully.

On the task, underlining and making notes could be helpful. Take the time to comprehend the particular requirements for your writing and the criteria for your assessment. If you’re unsure, ask questions.

Obtain clarification from your professor before choosing a topic. You’ll be able to assess your advancement by doing this.

  1. Choose a particular topic

Once you know what you’re supposed to write about in your research paper, you can choose what to write about. This can be scary, but don’t worry about it. Writing about something you’re passionate about can be helpful, but don’t worry about finding the perfect topic.

A controversial topic will force you to explain and defend opposing viewpoints honestly. Use the rules your teacher gives you to help you choose a topic for your paper. If you like an issue but can’t figure out how to fit it into the rules, choose another one.

Over time, it will become more straightforward for you to write on topics appropriate for the project. You don’t have to adore the subject matter you’re writing about, but you should care about it. It’s also good to note that this research paper writing assignment can help you discover something new.

  1. Carry out research

This is an essential step on how to write a research paper. Finally, the research you’ve been waiting for! This is a very flexible stage, as every student has their preferred method of conducting research for a project.

But you must keep your mind on the task and act swiftly. You still have your research paper to complete.

  1. Put in place your research

What should you do with this information now that you have it? The focus of step four is organization. Similar to research, everyone has distinct preferences in this area.

Your assignment may also play a role. When arranging your research, a bibliography—literally, “book writing”—is helpful. It is a list of the books, periodicals, and other sources you used.

  1. Create a thesis

After understanding the assignment, choosing a topic that matches, researching, and organizing your study, provide your perspective, argument, or assertion. Your work needs a thesis statement even if you’re not arguing for or against anything.

A thesis statement is what you want to explain or prove as the researcher and author. When creating a thesis, a good place to start is with a one-sentence answer to the question, “What is your paper about?”

  1. Develop an outline

How you develop an outline may vary depending on the task. If your professor requests an outline, be careful to create one that adheres to the provided example, guidelines, or standards. Even if you are not required to create an outline for your research paper, it can be a helpful tool.

Creating an outline is primarily about organizing your paper’s content. It might be helpful to follow patterns and guidelines but avoid becoming overly rigid. When creating an outline, consider what you want to convey in your research paper and how to say it simply and orderly.

  1. Write

Then it’s finally time to start writing your paper. You might feel like you should have started writing sooner, but don’t worry: the work you have done so far is essential. It will help you write a research paper that is strong, clear, and engaging.

Don’t try to get everything right when you write. Don’t worry about finding the perfect words, using the perfect grammar, or making the ideal title.

You have time to make your research paper even better as you edit. Now, all you need to do is write. This will help with how to write a research paper.

  1. Content revision

Take a minute to congratulate yourself now that you’ve completed your paper. You’ve put forth a lot of effort to get here! Then return to your task. You still need to modify your paper before turning it in.

You don’t need to be concerned, but now is the moment to make your paper as great as possible. Begin with content editing. This includes considering structure, organization, phrasing, and length.

  1. Correct grammar

It’s also crucial to proofread for grammar. Although it could seem difficult, there are many tools and resources available. Editing for grammar may require several iterations, just like editing for content.

It’s okay if you need to take a break. Even better, it can make you feel more concentrated when you return to your writing, which is essential for finding and correcting errors.

  1. Reread and submit your paper

After completing Steps 1–9, you should take a break. Give your paper a day or two before conducting a final reading. If you have just read your paper on a computer screen, printing it out and reading it on paper can be beneficial.

While reading on a computer, your eyes may have overlooked errors or formatting flaws. Once you’ve double-checked that your research paper meets all requirements, submit it.

Types research papers

Research papers come in a variety of types. Knowing the kind of research paper needed for your assignment is crucial because every type has various requirements for preparation.

The most typical types of research papers are listed below to assist you in comprehending how to write a research paper:

  • Argumentative (persuasive) research paper
  • Definition paper
  • Analytical research paper
  • Cause and effect paper
  • Compare and contrast paper
  • Paper about experimental research
  • Research paper on a survey
  • Problem-solution research paper
  • Report paper

Topics for research papers

Students can experience nightmares about writing research papers when they do not have an excellent topic. To that end, how would one go about building one? You can brainstorm by chatting with coworkers or studying topic recommendations, for example, papers, journals, diaries, blogs, or books. If you research paper topics, here are several to consider:

  1. Bias in the selection of internships and scholarships for college
  2. Should multicultural education principles be applied more thoroughly?
  • The idea of international health security
  1. How infectious disease information is disseminated online
  2. Reverse discrimination issues in post-college employment
  3. The strategies for reducing home air pollution
  • The topic of personal health and privacy
  • Can overpopulation be controlled?
  1. The effects of humans on forests
  2. How can we slow global warming?
  3. Should there be more films about environmental issues?
  • The role of fitness advertisements in exercise routines
  • How can we reduce paper waste and save trees?

Research paper methodology

The data gathering and analysis methods you utilized in your research are discussed and explained in your research paper methodology. The methodology chapter outlines what you did and how you did it, helping readers examine your work’s reliability and validity.

General APA research paper format guidelines

Do you understand how to use the APA research paper format? If you haven’t already, or if you’re not sure you’ve mastered it, you should read this post. Most students find it challenging to write a research paper.

It is a difficult task that requires students to finish multiple stages. It takes time, energy, and hard work to go from brainstorming topic ideas to proofreading a final version. It’s difficult if you don’t know how to write, format, or proceed.

To write in APA style, you must learn how to format. Many rules make this style of writing unique. We’ve chosen and explained the essential parts of the APA style below.

Read on to learn more about details and how to use them in your subsequent research papers. It will also help you learn how to write a research paper APA-style.

  1. Font style and font size

“Times New Roman” is the most often used typeface in APA format. You should prohibit the usage of solid and italic font styles in APA format. The goal of employing these basic font types is to provide a general impression of the document.

Furthermore,  draw the reader’s attention to the research paper’s substance. According to APA format, the font size used in a research paper must neither be too small nor too large. The recommended font size for developing the research paper is 12.

  1. Spacing

According to APA format, the whole document should have two spaces between each line as it makes the research paper look good and even.

  • Size of the paper

Since 8.5 by 11 inches is the typical paper size, use it for your research paper.

  1. Document’s margins

The document’s margins must all be one inch from all sides per APA formatting. The initial line of the paragraph must also be one-half inch left indented from the left margin of the paper following this format.

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Format for a qualitative research paper

Start by listing the main points you’ll make in the subsequent sections. does a great job of explaining how to format a qualitative paper. Now, let’s talk about the qualitative research paper format and its role in how to write a research paper.

  1. Title page

Finding a catchy title is something that we’ve already discussed. This is where you put the intriguing and detailed title, the author’s full name, the submission statement, the date, and a subtitle (if applicable).

  1. The Abstract

An abstract is more than just a synopsis of a paper. It should present the most critical data and findings, ensuring that the reader understands the material presented in the report. Even though the abstract is placed here in the document’s order, write it after finishing the paper.

Keep the following in mind when creating an abstract:

  • It should be a short paragraph, no more than 250 words.
  • It should accurately reflect all of the content in the article.
  • Write in the past tense.
  1. The introduction

This is where you should introduce your paper to the reader. It should be no longer than two pages and include your research question and a concise summary of what the reader can expect.

  1. Materials and methodology

Here, you’ll give the readers enough information to understand the topic and the main research goals. In particular, you will talk about the research design you used, the research methods you used, and the people you spoke to.

When it comes to the materials you used, you will give a detailed account of all the supplies and special tools you used. The method, on the other hand, will need your full attention. When learning to write a methodology, remember that it’s an essential part of your paper.

  1. Results

Including all analyses, statistics, graphs, tables, and figures, this is where you show your findings. When presenting the interpretation of the facts, you should provide everything in an unbiased manner and refer to it in the debate.

  1. Discussion

You should now go over the findings from the previous section. You should share your findings and back up your results.

  1. The conclusion

This is the paragraph in which you conclude. You offer a summary of everything you presented throughout the article in this section. The conclusion should contain no new information.

  1. Bibliography/references

Here, you will provide a list of the sources you used for your work.

  1. The Appendix

You don’t require an appendix in a research paper, but it can be a helpful addition. The appendices are where you can put information that helps the reader understand your findings and learn more about the subject. This is especially true for people who work in the same field as you.

  1. Acknowledgments

No matter how complex your research paper topic is, you can always find someone to assist you. A lecturer, teacher, librarian, or graduate student may have assisted you with research and writing. Make sure to thank everyone who helped you personally.

Example of a research paper

The most challenging work, a student, will ever have to complete in school is writing a research paper. Whether they are writing a research paper for high school or college, students struggle with the writing process.

A research paper is a type of writing in which the subject will have a thorough examination, interpretation, and evaluation. To be correctly drafted just takes time, effort, and talents. Here’s a research paper example to help first-time writers grasp the format and how to write its sections.

Get free research paper examples and how to write a research paper by reading the rest of the article. An example of a research paper is the nuclear reactors’ radioactivity. This research study develops a theory that aids in predicting radioactivity in nuclear reactor cooling fluids.

The radioactivity of atomic reactors can be measured using this study paper. This study uses an equation to calculate the radioactivity of nuclear reactors with the least amount of error.

Rubric for research papers

You have probably seen a rubric if you have ever taken a class, taught a class, or studied teaching.

Rubrics are essential for evaluating written assignments as they provide a structure for grading each student’s writing style and topic matter. A research paper rubric is a concept for a research paper in which one must elaborate on a research paper.

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How to insert pictures into a research paper

There is a claim that a picture may convey more information than a thousand words. Images are vital for adding depth to the literature and analysis in all forms of research papers.

Images can supplement words to provide more information in a study article. The researcher must guarantee that such photos are optimally incorporated to achieve the desired results. To that aim, the following advice on including pictures in a research paper can be helpful.

  • Select an image

Select your picture. Choose the image you want to use in your paper, then find it on your computer. Make sure the image is appropriate for your paper, then place it where you desire it on the page.

  • Size the image

For image dimensions, the APA has established guidelines for picture and text size. Image height should not exceed the margins specified for your assignment, and caption or photo credit font size should be 8 to 14 points.

  • Create a caption

Insert a caption that describes the image or figure. Number the image you are inserting and, if necessary, provide a title and sentence case description of what it depicts.

  • Add a caption to the photo

Add a caption to the photo. If the image isn’t yours, put the copyright information the owner advised you to place below it and above the figure heading. Add this information to the last page of your references.

Research paper length

You’re not alone if you’re wondering how long a research paper is. Many students dread the answers to this question. Things become complicated, especially when the professor fails to specify the word restriction.

The length of a research paper varies according to the topic or assignment. Typically, research papers are 4,000-6,000 words in length, but short papers of 2,000 words or long papers of 10,000 words are typical.

You should specify the recommended length in the assignment if you’re writing a school paper. Otherwise, let the length be determined by your topic: Complicated topics or lengthy investigation will necessitate additional explanation.

An ideal length for a research paper is between five and seven pages. In addition, these papers ought to feature at least two paragraphs on every page. The length of a paper depends on type, complexity, and professor’s expectations.

To sum it up

If you are having trouble coming up with an original research paper, this guide will help. Additionally, you might consider employing a professional writing service if you’re having trouble coming up with a topic for your paper.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require help on how to write a research paper. We are here at to support you.

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