As a nursing student, you must be prepared to write a research proposal at one point in your school life. This paper plays a very significant role in your final grades, so you should give it all your best if you have no idea how to write a nursing research proposal, read this article until the end.

Depending on your institution, you can be assigned a nursing research proposal together with the research project or as separate papers. With the right skills, you should not be concerned about how you maybe be assigned to write it. Before getting into the task, it is important to know what a nursing research proposal is and the aim of wiring the paper.

What is a nursing research proposal?

A nursing research proposal is an essay outlining the topics and details you will research for a longer nursing research paper. You’ll probably need to write one just for your nursing research paper.

Suppose you decide to stay in your studies after receiving your bachelor’s degree. In that case, you will need to write research proposals for all of your studies, including your master’s thesis and dissertation. You will already be a research proposal expert by that point. But for now, we will address your concerns and assist you with writing your first one with assurance.

 The aim of nursing research proposals

The purpose of a nursing research proposal is to outline the author’s strategy for the investigation they propose. In some situations, obtaining money for the proposed research is an element of this objective. In other cases, it’s to get the writer’s departmental or supervisor’s permission to proceed with the research. Research proposals have the same format in different situations. As a nursing research proposal writer, you should explain how and why your study is pertinent to your ground. Provide evidence that the following are true:

  • You have completed a gap in the body of existing knowledge about their subject
  • Highlight the results of previous research on the topic
  • Introduce additional, original knowledge to the current body of knowledge in the academic community about their field

A nursing research proposal demonstrates the ability to perform the research and make a significant contribution to the state of the area of your research. To accomplish this, your nursing research proposal must go over your educational background and credentials and show that the nursing research proposal ideas you offer have academic worth.

To have your nursing research proposal authorized, you must also show that your study is reliable and qualified to conduct it. Additionally, your research proposal must include the following:

  • The research approach you intend to employ
  • The methods and tools you’ll employ to gather, examine, and evaluate the data you gather
  • An explanation of how your study complies with any financial or other restrictions placed on it by your university, section, or academic program

Structure and outline of a nursing research proposal

A research proposal has a comparatively simple format. Here are the components of a nursing research proposal;

  1. Introduction

Your introduction fulfills the following objectives:

  • Introduces the subject
  • Describes your challenge and the inquiries your research seeks to address.
  • Explains the background of your research

An introduction to a nursing research proposal can include a few paragraphs. Please don’t feel that you must squeeze all your material into one paragraph because it needs to be brief.

In some circumstances, your nursing research proposal has to have a summary and a table of contents before the introduction. It is better to learn if you do not know how to write a problem statement for a nursing research proposal because it should be included in this part.

  1. Background study

Here, it would help if you discussed the need for your study and how it ties to earlier studies on the topic. Anyway, your research will “act with” the work of other researchers. Whether it complements, strengthens, or challenges it, must be explicitly stated in your nursing research proposal.

It’s also the portion where you specify the current issues your study will try to solve. In other terms, in this part, you respond to the reader’s “so what?” by describing why your project is vital. It would help if you described your research methodology in the area of your paper devoted to the background significance. If required, make a list of the related questions and problems that your research will not address.

  1. Literature review section

In this part, introduce each source you intend to employ in your research. This covers important research and their data, books, and academic papers.  The literature review explores your chosen resources and discusses how you utilize them in your investigation instead of simply listing sources. That is what your bibliography section is meant for. Look at a nursing research proposal example online to understand more about writing a literature review section.

  1. Research methods, design, and techniques

Discuss your research plans after reviewing the study. Make sure you address the following topics in this area:

  • What kind of research will you conduct? Is it qualitative or quantitative?
  • Are you gathering new data or utilizing information gathered by previous researchers?
  • Whether you are conducting descriptive, correlational, or experimental research
  • The information you’re using
  • You must describe the demographic you are examining, for example, if you are undertaking social science research.
  • Describe how you will choose your participants and get data from them
  • The instruments you’ll employ to gather data
  • Are you going to do experiments, carry out surveys, or witness occurrences?
  • Write down all data collection techniques

Along with a thorough examination of your research, you must also include:

  • Your timetable for research
  • The budget for your research
  • Any challenges you anticipate and your strategy for dealing with them
  1. Implications and suppositions

Even if you can’t determine the outcomes of your study until you carry it out, you should enter the research with a clear understanding of how your effort will advance your subject. Given that it explains in detail why your research is required, this portion of your research proposal is possibly the most important to the argument you make.

Ensure the following details are covered in this part:

  • Your research challenges, accepted theories, and beliefs in your profession
  • How will your contribution provide the groundwork for future scientific inquiry?
  • Your research’s applicability to professionals, instructors, and other scholars in your field will be of great importance
  • The issues your work may be able to solve
  • Policies that your findings may have an impact on
  • How your discoveries might be applied in the academic or other fields, and how doing so might enhance or otherwise change those fields

This area isn’t where you specify the results you hope to achieve. Instead, this is the part where you explain why your research will be useful.

  1. The conclusion

This is the section where you bring everything together. Like the conclusion paragraph of an essay, your conclusion section succinctly recaps your nursing research proposal and reaffirms the stated goal of your study. To write this part appropriately, you can consider looking at a nursing research paper sample online.

  1. References and bibliography section

It would help if you also prepared a bibliography with your literature review. Your bibliography should list the sources you used in your research and their authors.

The style you use while referencing your proposal determines how you will form a citation. The three most popular academic referencing styles are; APA, MLA, and Chicago.  All the styles have specific guidelines and stipulations. They all have unique rules of formation.

A comprehensive bibliography is not necessary all the time. A reference list can be included in this situation. Ask your instructor or refer to a nursing proposal example if you are unsure which style to use in your nursing research proposal.

Nursing research proposal topics

To compose a good nursing research proposal, you must select an interesting and researchable topic. To achieve this, you need to brainstorm different ideas to find one that interests you and probably your professor. Here are some nursing research proposal topic examples you can use;

Nursing research proposal topics on health promotion

  1. In wealthy nations, lack of physical activity is a major cause of death
  2. What are the efficient obesity health promotion tactics?
  3. How can the rate of cancer screening tests be raised?
  4. The significance of spreading knowledge about the connection between UV radiation and skin cancer
  5. What are some efficient ways to evaluate the caliber of medical care?
  6. How can lung cancer develop from air pollution?
  7. The importance of health education for kids: a route to a healthy life
  8. How can we help kids develop healthy eating patterns and behaviors?
  9. New approaches to treating older people’s late-life depression
  10. Effective strategies for quitting
  11. How well does school-based health promotion work?
  12. The prevention of food-related malignancies by adopting a healthy diet regimen
  13. How might workplaces support depression management?
  14. Techniques for effectively communicating preventative medicine
  15. Talk about some novel approaches to preserving a healthy working environment
  16. Describe the efficient means of limiting exposure to cancer risk factors
  17. How does alcohol contribute to cancer?
  18. What are some effective ways that workplace wellness initiatives can promote healthy behavior?
  19. Effective strategies for promoting health awareness during a pandemic
  20. Practical strategies for preventing cyberbullying
  21. Adverse consequences of passive smoking

Interesting nursing research proposal topics

  1. Important techniques for reducing excessive stress
  2. What crucial tenets govern sports medicine?
  3. Give a thorough case study of the effective migraine treatments
  4. Bipolar disorder: what is it? Describe its signs
  5. What method of treatment for insomnia works the best?
  6. Constraints on medical contracts
  7. Talk about the diversification in the medical industry
  8. Effective home solutions for lowering body temperatures
  9. What are the various nursing positions?
  10. top strategies for stress reduction during night shifts
  11. the best strategies for recovering from physical harm
  12. What are the main reasons why patients suffer from anxiety disorders?
  13. Discuss the potential developments for medicine and healthcare in the future
  14. The value of gynecological education for young female
  15. Top justifications for a free healthcare system everywhere
  16. What are the main causes of disorders that cause hypersensitivity?
  17. Give the treatment plan for a strong headache
  18. Talk about the moral issues surrounding euthanasia
  19. What issues are related to menopause?
  20. What are the primary causes of diabetes type II’s?

Good nursing research proposal topics

  1. Talk about managing and controlling marijuana use in nursing.
  2. What changes a woman’s body after an abortion?
  3. The duties that come with working as a nurse.
  4. What methods does the government employ to fund the healthcare system?
  5. Describe the methods used to treat people inside the jail.
  6. How are bone wounds treated?
  7. The use of opioids to treat rheumatoid arthritis
  8. Treatment options for speech impairments.
  9. Methods for preventing childhood obesity.
  10. How can I manage my stress as a nurse?
  11. Why do young adolescents experience seizures?
  12. How might pet therapy aid in the treatment of autism?
  13. Why are diet and hydration so crucial?
  14. What standards of ethics apply to the treatment of children?
  15. The benefits and drawbacks of telemedicine
  16. What purpose do e-Care and Telecare serve?
  17. Talk about illness management and preventative strategies.
  18. Why is teen vaccination so important?
  19. Talk about the maternity practices used in cities.
  20. How do poor culture and social media breed unhealthy habits?

Public health research proposal topics

  1. Cosmetic dermatology’s effects on females
  2. What common emotional signs and symptoms accompany premenstrual syndrome?
  3. The main causes of female cystic fibrosis
  4. Give a thorough explanation of reproductive endocrinology
  5. What steps may be taken to avoid getting pregnant?
  6. How can female acne be treated?
  7. Variables in the environment that enhance the likelihood of infertility
  8. What difficulties do menopausal women face?
  9. HPV and cervical cancer in women
  10. How well do the precautions used during screening for breast cancer work?
  11. The causes of vaginal atrophy and ways to prevent it
  12. Symptoms and treatment for common sexually linked illnesses in women
  13. Sleep disturbances in women: causes
  14. How do cultural variations affect the health of women?
  15. The root reasons for female substance usage and addiction
  16. How are sleep disturbances in women analyzed?
  17. How women can prevent ovarian cancer
  18. Give a detailed explanation of how breast cancer is diagnosed
  19. What elements encourage female conception?
  20. How should infertility in women be handled morally?

Midwifery nursing research proposal topics

  1. Talk about the best approaches to handle pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH)
  2. The best advice for taking care of a newborn right away
  3. How is spirituality essential to pregnancy, labor, and delivery?
  4. How many receiving early parenting education result in a good outcome?
  5. Significant risk factors for postpartum depression
  6. Benefits of prenatal yoga for both mothers and their unborn children.
  7. Typical methods and tactics for facilitating and maintaining a normal birth
  8. How can peer support aid in the treatment of postpartum depression?
  9. Describe the labor and delivery experience of a lady with autism
  10. What effects do sleep disturbances have on the mother and the child?
  11. How to recognize and handle typical newborn feeding issues
  12. Successful methods for caring for newborns right away
  13. Pain management strategies and therapies are effective for reducing discomfort during childbirth
  14. How to handle the emotional and physical changes that occur throughout pregnancy.
  15. The dangers of having an older mother
  16. Strategies to prevent and treat hypoglycemia in newborns
  17. Diabetes during pregnancy: associated risk factors and strategies for managing them.
  18. Talk about the signs, symptoms, and remedies for women’s birthing
  19. What are the risks and causes of unfavorable pregnancy outcomes?
  20. How productive are midwives?

Geriatric nursing research proposal topics

  1. How can older individuals keep up their oral hygiene?
  2. Is dementia at risk from the diet?
  3. There are currently no effective treatments for elderly heart failure
  4. Talk about crucial nursing techniques for older patients with fragile hip fractures
  5. Cardiovascular system effects of aging
  6. What are the reasons for later-life depression and its risks?
  7. How do the consequences of lengthy hospital stays affect critically ill patients?
  8. Important care techniques for older people with alcohol use disorders
  9. Elderly dehydration: causes, signs, treatment, and prevention
  10. What part do nurses play in long-term care planning?
  11. How should critically unwell elderly individuals with sepsis be treated?
  12. the deterioration of the elderly’s nerve system and cognitive senses
  13. How well does a healthy diet work to lower the risk of bone loss?
  14. Malnutrition’s consequences on the organ or system
  15. A few efficient methods to keep elderly individuals from going into delirium
  16. How does the immune system change with age?
  17. What are the molecular causes of adult-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and how can it be prevented?
  18. Techniques for effectively managing pressure ulcers in individuals with hip fractures
  19. What health crises may elderly cancer patients expect?
  20. Urinary tract illnesses in elderly patients: associated with an increased risk and diagnosis

Childhood nursing research proposal topics

  1. the changes and improvements in newborn care over the past 50 years.
  2. Eating disorders are common among youngsters. Do they have social media to thank them?
  3. What psychological factors are present in the care of infants?
  4. How does genetics contribute to childhood diabetes?
  5. Describe the connection between vaccinations and autism in further detail
  6. What impact does passive smoking have on a person’s early years?
  7. Do childhood health problems have an impact on health later in life?
  8. Environmental toxins’ effects on children’s exposure
  9. What are the main causes of infant and child mortality?
  10. What are the main causes of baby seizures?
  11. Are pediatric malnutrition treatments effective?
  12. Describe potential stem cell treatments for pediatric illnesses
  13. effective methods for reducing baby harm during delivery
  14. Describe how children’s antibiotic resistance manifests itself
  15. What are the moral standards for treating children?
  16. Effective methods for identifying and treating respiratory illnesses in children
  17. What are some methods for lowering the risk of blindness in kids receiving oxygen therapy?
  18. Factors that contribute to childhood obesity
  19. The effects of cancer on children’s and families mental health
  20. The causes of ADHD and its remedies

Mistakes to avoid when writing a nursing research proposal

  1. Writing a wordy piece

As we already stated, formal does not mean wordy research papers. You should strive to make your writing as concise and direct as possible. The more succinctly you can state your intention and objective, the better.

  1. Failing to reference pertinent sources

When you do research, you’re extending the body of information about the topic of study. Your nursing research proposal should mention one or more seminal studies in your field and connect your work with these studies. This conveys the importance of your work and shows that you are knowledgeable about the subject.

  1. Putting too much emphasis on less important details

There are certainly a lot of great reasons why your investigation is necessary. Not all of these justifications must be included in your nursing research proposal. If your study proposal contains too many queries, it will lose focus and weaken. Only discuss the major, crucial issues you intend to address in your proposal; save the lesser concerns for your research study.

  1. Failing to provide a compelling argument for your research

Since this approach is far more arbitrary than the others, it may be the simplest way to defeat your proposition. In its purest form, a nursing research proposal is a persuasive essay. In other words, even though you’re presenting your idea in a detached, scholarly manner, the ultimate goal is to persuade the reader to accept your work.

This holds regardless of who your reader is, whether it is your supervisor, department head, graduate school admissions committee, private or public financing source, or editor of a journal where you would like to have your work published. Learn how to write a problem statement nursing to excel in this part.

To sum up

Though the task of writing a nursing research proposal may seem tedious and time-consuming, this article has made it easier for you. It contains the definition, importance, structure, topics, and the mistakes to avoid while writing a research proposal for nursing. Use it to compile a paper that will impress your professor.

If you still need help selecting a topic, writing a research proposal, or a full research paper, reach out to expert writers at We provide essay writing services to students at reasonable rates.

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