Every academic writer has their own way of presenting an idea or topic to their readers. Some aim at raising curiosity and have you intrigued by their story, or want you to use imagination and create your own characters and storyline; others want to use simple demonstrations to present the subject. Either way, the concept essay style is the same.

Writing a concept paper can be challenging for students, especially at lower academic levels. Students are pushed to explain themselves and search for definitions of words which can be quite hard. The first thing you need to do when given the instructions is to choose a concept essay topic to explain that you are interested in and feel comfortable writing about. You can write about a topic you know something about, if not restricted to a specific one, or you could write about an unfamiliar topic you desire to learn more about.

Are you interested in knowing how to write a concept essay?  First, define your concept essay idea and expound on it. All the concept essays have the same concept paper format.  You will begin with your proposed title, followed by a brief introduction to the subject, the aim of the study, and the research question you intend to answer. The next thing to mention is the kind of data and how you will collect it for your concept essay. Give a concept essay example you can relate with.

What is a Concept Essay?

Once you have received the instructions, you will ask yourself, what is a concept essay? If you have a clear understanding of what it is, proceed to choose a concept essay topic you want to write about from a list of concept paper topic ideas you have. But before that, you will take time to brainstorm and research, noting down the important information related to your concept essay topic. Preparing a concept essay outline will help you narrow down your topic so that you can focus on the main idea by looking at a specific aspect of your subject.

A concept essay is a brief paper outlining the key aspects of a study before undertaking the study. It is meant to provide an idea of the study. Thus, it helps the supervisor assess whether the study is relevant, feasible, and worthwhile. If not, they may suggest studying a different research question. It also helps the supervisor gauge your understanding of research and analytical skills and, therefore, if you are likely to need support. If so, to what extent in conducting the study?

What is the Purpose of Concept Essay writing?

In college, writing and explaining concept essay examples equips the students with the knowledge and skill to develop an idea or argument using evidence, analysis, and interpretation. The topic of research should be interesting and clear to the reader. The aim is to convince the reader that the researched idea is worth executing.

In business, writing a concept paper is one way to seek funding for the idea of coming up with a new product or service proposal. Use simple and clear language to describe the purpose and projected outcomes of the project before you deliver it to potential funders. Show them the benefit your idea will bring, why you want to execute it, and show them that it is worth their support.

In technology, concept writing allows you to define your research and focus on obtaining early feedback. Demonstrating your idea to prove that the project is worth financial support is the main focus when writing a conceptual essay. Ensure that it matches the kinds of projects your target sponsor support.

Aspects to consider when writing a Concept Essay

There are 6 key elements of a successful concept essay paper. They include;

The proposed research titles

The concept essay title summarizes the main idea for your research. It should be precise, catchy, engaging, and informative. When writing the conceptual essay title, ensure that it contains the keywords relevant to your concept paper topic ideas. The title should give an indication of the intent of your project, directing attention explicitly to the central issue that you will address. It is the part that sells your idea.

Introduction to the Subject

A good introduction should identify your topic. Explaining a concept essay topic indicates your particular focus in the essay. It also needs to capture your reader’s attention and make them more interested in reading your concept essay. Define the problem statement. Last bit of the introduction should end with the thesis statement linking it to the content of the introductory part. It informs the reader about the scope, purpose, and direction of your concept writing.

Aim of the study

Tell the reader about the problem you will solve to achieve this aim. Explain your objectives and align them with the statement of the problem. Write each question as a response to address the gaps identified in the previous literature. Give a brief and clear description of your hypothesis.


The first thing will be to state the data output you plan to capture, whether it is qualitative or quantitative data. What period intervals do you plan on collecting these data? Do you need to recapture to assess accuracy? Then, you will state the specific procedures, equipment, or techniques used to identify, select, process, interpret and analyze data about your concept essay topic.

If your research requires observation, how will it be validated? Let the reader know about the timeframe when this data will be collected. In the concept essay, the methodology section allows the reader to critically evaluate a study’s overall validity and reliability.

Statement of the significance of the study

Explain why your concept is resourceful and creative. Reinstate your statement of the problem and give a clarification on how your idea will address it. State the benefits your idea will bring and to whom. Include a summary of the timeline for completing the project. Defining milestones of the time points at which you intend to complete your tasks can help to show that you have considered the practicalities of running this study. It also shows that what you have proposed is feasible to achieve your goal.

Qualities of a Good Research Paper Topic?

Before you begin writing a concept paper, ensure that you do extensive research. This will help you choose a topic that is unique and easy to write on. We have given you a few factors to consider;


It will be impossible to determine the amount of information your concept topic carries if enough research is not done. You might have the best topic in your class, but the content may be limited. This might happen to the new topics being introduced in the market and specialized concept essay topics. To reach the targeted number of words, you need to go for topics with a lot of information to research and excite you in terms of their content and familiarity.

Conducting preliminary research and noting all important information concerning your concept essay ideas will help you write a good concept essay without struggle. A well-written essay with concept essay examples will award you high grades in school or guarantee the opportunity you have been looking forward to.


A topic that interests you is easier to write on. You get the motivation to do extensive research, craft a concept outline, and enjoy writing the content. When the concept topic excites you, you get so invested that you don’t get the urge to know what your coursemates are writing about. You get accurate, emotions flow freely, and you write a unique concept essay.

Rules and guidelines

When writing a concept essay, there are guidelines given by your instructor that you always have to follow. Don’t let the concept essay topics excite you to the point where you forget to read the instructions. If there are things that need clarification, seek help from the instructor before you begin writing. After the writing process, revise your concept paper to be 100% sure that you followed all the rules and guidelines given.

Concept Essay Topics

Once you have a concept, choose a topic that fits your concept essay ideas. Research your topic, and note facts from other researchers and experts to support your concept idea.

In the introduction part, explaining a concept essay topic is vital as it introduces your concept topic to the reader.

Make it as engaging as possible. If your concept essay involves emotions, you might try to instill them in the reader. Some of the concept paper topics you can write about include;


In your concept essay, describe not only what an economy is but why the economy matters. The economy is the main focus. You can compare different economics experienced in past years and provide examples. What is the role of economics in social studies?

Daily Life Topics

Sometimes, students do their best conceptual writing when they are allowed to focus on the topics near and dear to them, like family, school, friendships, and love.


What is a stereotype? How do stereotypes affect society? Write an essay that describes the concept of stereotyping and your views on how stereotypes evolve. What are the effects of cultural stereotyping? How is cultural diversity and stereotype related? Explain how stereotypes affect human interaction in day-to-day life.

Social Studies Topics

You can think of concept paper topic ideas relevant to history, geography, economics, civics, sociology, and other elements of ethics, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, art, and literature.

Wants and Needs

Focus on one of these concepts and explain what it is to want or need something. Give differences between wants and needs. Explaining a concept essay, write about how satisfying wants or needs have shaped human history and the development of culture and civilization over time. For instance, you can use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to support your idea.


Describe the concept of geography to understand the relationship between geography and human life. Your conceptual essay should take up the definition of geography as well as why it is something worth learning about. What does it mean to learn geography? Why is geography, as a concept, relevant to you as a student?


Culture can be difficult to define but can help us learn human behavior, history, and society. Choose culture in your concept essay and try to delineate what culture is, what it is not, and why it is relevant to study.

Concept Essay Topics Ideas for College Students

Concept essays yield themselves to a wide range of concept paper topic ideas because they work to explore impressions, opinions, or approaches to abstract ideas. The topic choices can extend from the historical significance of an individual or event to the importance of friendships. The concept essay topic ideas include;

 Daily Life Topics

  • Contribution of the church to society
  • Music: a lens into the current cultural values.
  • How riding public transportation help to reduce traffic on the highway
  • Press media impact
  • Serving the elderly is preserving history and community.
  • The role of technology in daily life after COVID-19.
  • The effect of Covid-19 compared to monkey-pox
  • How family dinners impact children throughout their adolescents.
  • How family pets build unity amongst siblings.
  • Areas where you can build friendships and network
  • The new late-night phone call between teenage lovers.

Social Studies Topics

  • Potential social studies topics for a concept essay include:
  • The evolution of the fashion industry
  • Career choices following the recession of 2022.
  • Rising mortgage rates cause fear of buying a first home
  • Technology: an addiction started at birth.
  • The history of the Watergate Scandal and the long-term implicated effects
  • The impact of the Great Depression on the current eating practices in the United States.
  • Other concept paper topic ideas that you can write about are;
  • The concept of social mobility.
  • Social and economic justice.
  • What are the impacts of various socialization?
  • The concept of sexuality from a different perspective.
  • The concept of boosting self-confidence.
  • Social media, press, and their impact
  • The concept of humanity.
  • The concept of philosophy.
  • What is responsible for suicide?
  • The concept of friendship.
  • The role of society in child development

What is a Concept Statement?

A concept statement briefly describes a proposed idea that addresses a certain problem. However, in an entrepreneurial sense, a concept statement is a short narrative of the whole business plan that is presented either graphically or textually. To creditors, potential business partners for investment, or a client for agreement. It provides prospective investors with adequate details to agree on whether they should or should not proceed with the proposed plan.

If you have no idea of how to write a concept statement, a concept statement should include all the key elements of a business written in summary form. They include:

·         Description of the business

In this element, you need to state the nature of your business and your business plan for entering the said market. You might also include unique factors that make your firm outstanding compared to your competitors. Prove to your audience that your business makes sense and is not just a need but also a loss.

·         The Target markets

Include your intended market or the target consumers of your mentioned product. It should be specific and carefully considered. You can also present data from extensive market research and findings of the target market selection.

·         Your Core products

You need to discuss the product or services your company is offering and those that your company is still planning to offer. Like in your business description, you also need to show why and how it varies from your existing competitors’ products or services.

·         Your goals

This serves as the conclusion of your concept statement. At the end of your concept statement, you must mention the goals and objectives of your company within a specific time frame. This could be classified as short-term or long-term.

How to Write a Design Concept Statement

Writing a concept statement is the same way as writing a mission statement. You need to create a conceptual paper format for presenting your ideas. Here are the steps on how to write a design concept statement.

·         Provide a brief introduction.

Write at least two to three sentences explaining the objective of your design. Make it brief and use simple language. You may also see the statement of purpose examples from the concept paper examples in books or online.

·          Identify the problem.

Lay down the specific problems you need to address and how your company can help achieve that goal.

·          Provide a solution.

Once the problem is identified, state the unique concept paper ideas of your design and how they can bring an impact.

Concept analysis paper

A concept analysis paper entails a review of literature related to the chosen concept from different disciplines of study. The review of literature helps in explaining the meaning of the concept you have selected. Concept analysis refers to the examination of the structure and function of a concept. It is a formal, precise, and linguistic exercise used to determine the defining attributes of a concept.

Importance of concept analysis

A concept analysis paper is used to;

  • Clarify ambiguous concepts in a theory
  • Instill good practice in thinking
  • Differentiate concepts that may appear similar
  • Clarify confusing concepts for consistency in interpretation and use
  • Develop a standardized language to be used in nursing practice
  • Determine the internal structure of a concept

This is a list of the best topics for your concept analysis paper.

  • Health illiteracy
  • Stress
  • Career development
  • Autonomy
  • Caregiver abuse
  • Cultural competence
  • Therapeutic touch
  • Spirituality
  • Conflict resolution
  • Nursing care
  • Job satisfaction
  • Nursing Career
  • Violence
  • Mental health
  • AIDS Education
  • Diversity
  • Breathlessness
  • Pregnancy
  • Mental health
  • Mental illness
  • Stereotyping
  • Women Empowerment

Tips for writing a Nursing Concept Analysis Paper

Here are some helpful hints to use when writing your concept analysis essay. Concept essays should be critical, structured, and well organized. Use the tips below to get the best grades for your concept writing.

  • One of the things to consider when writing a concept analysis essay is to know how to start an essay. Write the paper in your own words. You have to develop the steps to write an effective concept essay.
  • An effective essay presents a more relevant topic. You need to choose the right topic first before you start writing.
  • Present at least three to four points for reference. Avoid using broad assumptions with no data or evidence to back them up.
  • Create the concept essay outline because readers will consider how your ideas are presented. Ensure that the methods for data collection proposed are feasible, are likely to work, and can be performed within the specific period allocated for this project.
  • In every section of your concept essay, ensure that you define facts according to literature and then explain or extrapolate.
  • Ensure to include updated references and cite all other literature and previous research that you discuss in your concept paper. If a published work is one of your concept analysis paper examples, use it only for inspiration. It should only be used to understand how to write your concept paper. Do not copy-paste it directly, as you will end up plagiarizing.
  • Use action-oriented language for your concept analysis paper.
  • Keep it formal, precise, and organized.

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