Hippocratic Oath for Connecting Medical Devices Essay

Question 1. (a)

Although the law prohibits moving an injured and unconscious person, Jessica’s action of moving Christopher’s chin up for him to breathe was the right move, in my opinion, as restating breathing was necessary for the accident victim to stay alive (Thomas 2017).

Question 1. (b)

The main reason for not moving injured victims is to wait for professionals’ help to arrive and assess the situation. As a medical professional, Jessica was covered by the Good Samaritan law, which protects individuals that give reasonable assistance to those they believeare injured from the legal ramifications (West& Varacallo 2020). Hippocratic Oath for Connecting Medical Devices Essay



Question 1. (c)

The protection offered by the Good Samaritan law is meant to reduce hesitation to assist bystanders in helping people they believe are in danger. Notwithstanding the scenario’s outcome, Jessica’s actions were done in good faith and, therefore, would have been covered by the Good Samaritan Law (Woods et al., 2019).

Question 1. (d)

Legally, as a registered medical professional, Jessica is not obligated to stop and provide any medical aid. However, ethically, she is obliged by the Hippocratic Oath to administer medical aid and protect life (Woods et al., 2019). She was therefore not legally obligated but ethically obliged to stop and provide the necessary help to the accident victims. Hippocratic Oath for Connecting Medical Devices Essay

Question 1. (e)

Assisting an accident victim before medical help arrives, in my opinion, is a perfect idea as it may give the necessary assistance that may be the difference between life and death. Similarly, medical help may take longer to arrive, giving the victims a limited chance of survival.


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