Herzing NU 610 Unit 6 Simulation 2 Neurological
Unit 6 Simulation 2 Neurological
InstructionsReturn to your Shadow Health Advanced Health Assessment course.Complete the following Digital Clinical Experience (DCE) – NeurologicalLocation:  Shadow Health – Advanced Health Assessment.Points: 40 points are available; points earned are calculated by taking the Student Performance Index (SPI %) score you achieved on the simulation activity and multiplying that by 40 [e.g. if you score an 73% on your simulation activity your faculty person will multiply .73 times 40 and you will earn 29.2 points].As you can see it is in your best interest to repeat your DCE activity if you are not satisfied with your SPI score on your initial attempt.  There is no limit on the number of times you can repeat the DCE activity.  Be sure to submit the ‘Lab pass’ that demonstrates the highest score.Shadow Health Support:Contact Shadow Health with any questions or technical issues regarding Shadow Health before contacting your instructor.If at any time you have any questions or encounter any technical issues regarding the Digital Clinical Experience, please contact the Shadow Health support specialists by visiting the Learner Support Page at http://support.shadowhealth.com  (Links to an external site.)for contact information and hours.You may email the Learner Support team directly at [email protected]  at any time or by calling 800.860.3241.

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