Health Services Delivery and Satisfaction Essay

The healthcare sector is composed of several elements that ensure its operations continue running. Notably, there exist four functional areas that result in effective performance. These four functional areas are fundamental because they influence decision-making within healthcare organizations and result in policymaking. The four functional areas include finance, insurance, delivery, and payment. Financing is necessary for acquiring healthcare insurance and the payment of healthcare services (Altan et al., 2021). In most cases, employers finance the health of their employees by paying for health insurance. Within the institution, financing can be used to make policy decisions such as the equipment for healthcare services for the healthcare institution receives its funds from the insurance that people pay and use for medical billing. Insurance is the aspect that protects an individual from any form of catastrophic loss. Based on the type of insurance company, the healthcare institution will make policy decisions concerning which insurance covers to accept. Furthermore, insurance will aid in identifying and allocating healthcare services to insurance coverage to determine the maximum amount the insurance can cover. Essentially, the policy decisions made here are to link healthcare services to insurance covers.Health Services Delivery and Satisfaction Essay



Delivery refers to the availability of healthcare services, as noted by Camillo (2016). This is how patients acquire services. Delivery can aid decision-making by identifying the types of healthcare services to be offered and the necessary equipment for healthcare professionals. Based on the delivery of the institutions, policy decisions will be made concerning the healthcare professionals to be hired. Payment is the last functional area and deals with the reimbursement of funds to the healthcare provider by the insurance company. Policies for payment can be directed towards the payment of healthcare amenities that enable the efficient provision of services.



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