Health policy and politics Essay


The Code of Ethics plays a fundamental role in the nursing environment in various areas such as decision-making. Notably, the code of ethics dictates how nurses need to behave, and through this, they acquire their professional standards. Following the Code of Ethics ensures nurses remain within the professional guidelines when operating within the clinical practice setting. As a nurse, implementing the Code of Ethics is beneficial and aids in developing appropriate decisions since it caters to the nurse’s and patient’s needs equally (Green, 2017). The codes dictate what a nurse should do and how they should behave. By implementing the Code of Ethics in the development of decisions, nurses remain within the required nursing guidelines and, after that, develop appropriate decisions that lead to positive outcomes.



The most beneficial Code of Ethics has been that of collaboration. Collaboration is the partnership between nurses, patients, and families with the deliberate intention of developing a positive environment and positive patient outcomes (Code of Ethics for Nurses, n.d.). As a Code of Ethics, collaboration has been essential in guiding my clinical practice. It outlines how I should interact with the patient and their families and how I can work with them closely to guarantee a positive patient outcome. Through collaboration with the rest of the nurses, I acquire additional knowledge that is beneficial in establishing a positive healthcare environment for my patients.Health policy and politics Essay

The primary advantage of applying the Code of Ethics to politics and policy in healthcare is ensuring appropriate decision-making. Policies in healthcare need to be established equally, and the decision made need to guarantee the positive development of the healthcare system. Riaz et al. (2017) denote that by the Code of Ethics application, all decisions stemming from the political arena and the policy in healthcare are established positively.



Code of Ethics for Nurses.

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