GCU Public Health Nursing Discussion
GCU Public Health Nursing Discussion

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The main role of the public health nurse is to protect the public health while respecting the individual’s right. Sometime ethical dilemma arises where there is conflict of ethics. In time of current pandemic, wearing mask has been advised and in some areas enforced, but some individuals have refused to wear mask under human right law of freedom of choice. Public health nurse work in many areas of human gathering, like schools, communities, clinics, jails, shelters (“MDP”, 2019). Sometimes in one of these areas a nurse encounters an ethical issue. In a public place where some are wearing mask to protect others and one or two refuses to wear a mask, putting the nurse in a situation of ethical dilemma. The nurse in this case uses the public health concern, with ethical leadership and guideline to resolve the issue at hand at the health of the public because other participants also have right of free from the virus. The public health nurse intervention would assess and analyses the risks (“ANA” 2021), associated with unmask to the public and, environment and act to the interest of the public and manage the person without mask in isolation to protect other public.
The advancement of the role of nursing brings along increasing complex of ethical issues that are seen in workplaces. ANA code of ethic expects all nurses to adhere to their roles for ethical practice. And trained to ethical situation and respect the dignity of all patients The increase in public education The role of PHN plays in creating an ethical environment is through participation in analysis and resolving ethical difficulties.
The PHN nurse involvement in policy making and as public health advocate contributes to ideas that will improve the public health. In minority communities’ fast food are being opened there in a record pace, the regulation of what is served and total number of such centers in each community will lower consumption of high calories and poor nutrients meals in the community

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