Essay 6: Process of photosynthesis
Essay 6: Process of photosynthesis
Describe the process of photosynthesis to explain at least 1 requirement for photosynthesis that would need to be considered for chloroplasts to function in an animal or a human.
The process of photosynthesis is the process through which plants use water and carbon dioxide to create their food, grow and release excess oxygen into the air. Photosynthesis uses sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to produce oxygen, glucose and water. For a human we would become free breathing and eating to sustain our life plants use sunlight energy to combine water and carbon dioxide to make glucose. They use some and store the excess we eat vegetables to store for of energy. We would have to give up movement and we would have to reduce our needs for food to water and few minerals. We would have to be green if we used chlorophyll like in plants and we would weigh more since we would have more sugar and water reserves we would might even have some extra organs on our skin specializes for photosynthesis like leaves but they would be for us we would have much less of a need for carbs and we would move around a lot less because we would not have to move around for food, starvation and famine would not be an issue due to the fact we could produce our own food and it would decrease global warning.
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Ariel ChueGreetings, class! Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. I found this topic very interesting. To be completely honest, I had no idea how to begin. While in high school, science was not an area where I excelled, and it was very intimidating to me. For me to fully understand Photosynthesis and chloroplasts , I had to do a lot of research to better understand. In my discussion post, I will explain one requirement for photosynthesis that would have to be considered in order for chloroplasts to function in animals and humans.
In plants, algae, and certain bacteria, photosynthesis is the process of converting solar energy into chemical energy (Vidyasagar, 2018). The most important requirement for chloroplasts to function in an animal or human is light. To produce food, chloroplasts absorb sunlight as well as water and carbon dioxide gas. Chloroplasts use the sun’s energy to synthesize ATP and NADPH.
In contrast to animals and humans, plants do not move from place to place, requiring less energy. To survive, humans and animals need a lot of energy. Our bodies require more glucose than photosynthesis can produce. Due to our lack of chloroplasts, we cannot photosynthesize, nor would we get enough food to make it beneficial.
References:Chloroplast. (n.d.). ScienceDaily., A. (2018, October 15). What Is Photosynthesis? Livescience.Com.

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