Critique Lesson Planning with the ELL in Mind

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One of the ELL standards applied in this lesson plan is the participation of the students in grade-level oral and written exchanges of the information learned in the classroom. Notably, the students have been issued with various materials that can help them with the written as well as an oral exchange of information. For example, the teacher has provided the students with internet access, natural books, and the world map. At the end of the lesson, the students will undertake an oral exercise that will grant them the opportunity to discuss what they have understood from the ecosystem lesson. Another standard that has been met is the use of different media for learning. The science class has visual aids, which can be identified through the use of maps to aid the students when identifying ecosystem areas. Critique Lesson Planning with the ELL in Mind Written materials have also been provided for the students to read more about John Muir. These materials are essential for the students to understand what they are learning and are consistent with the required ELL standards.



The UDL guidelines can easily be identified from the lesson plan. For example, multiple means of engagement can be identified through the statement of clear objectives for the students to understand what is expected of them by the end of the lesson. Another UDL strategy that has been satisfied is the use of multiple means of representation. Textbooks, visual aids such as the world map, and internet access have all been incorporated in this lesson to help the students understand more about ecosystems. Through this lesson, the students have been provided with an opportunity to learn academic vocabulary. The research the students will undertake will equip them with academic words to help them within the lessonCritique Lesson Planning with the ELL in Mind.

The lesson supports the EL students since they have different ways, they can understand the context of the lesson. For example, the students are provided with the chance to share what they have learned orally, supporting EL students. The main modification for this lesson would be the use of a graphic organizer as an instructional strategy to help the EL students who are at different levels. This can point out the different keywords essential for this class and consequently help EL students understand various vocabularies Critique Lesson Planning with the ELL in Mind.


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