Communism and the American Leadership Essay

Question 1:

Communism had been a topic that had received much attention in different countries during the cold war. The presidential elections were won base on the argument that the president had to lead the American nation into an anti-communism society. First and foremost, communism refers to a system of organization where the property is owned by the community and everyone receives resources as per what they need and also their ability. First and foremost, it is well established that the elections during the cold war were led by tough debates between the candidates. These debates were also led by the fact of who had the potential to lead the state as per the needs and standards of the citizens. These arguments are what led to the rise of President Dwight Eisenhower.



President Eisenhower had been the president for the past 8 years before 1960. Richard Nixon, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and Eugene McCarthy are some of the presidential aspirants that came up next. Although Kennedy had strong opinions and was against the communism in the states, he did win the election as his campaign could not outweigh Nixon’s. It is well established that President Dwight Eisenhower was a great leader that referred to as a war hero. He managed to effectively lead the republican during the cold war. His experience from the Second World War gave him a plus in the sense that the people could trust him and also he had some added advantages. He, therefore, maintained the social welfare of the new deal and as a result led to the growth and development of the country in terms of a better economy and improved livelihood (History, 1968).Communism and the American Leadership Essay

Question 2:

According to Hickman (2019), the origin of the Vietnam War has always been viewed to be during World War II. During the Second World War, a French colony that consisted of the Vietnamese, Cambodia, and Laos had been occupied by the Japanese. However, the Ho Chi Minh formed a movement to resist these occupants and this led to the waging of guerrilla war against the Japanese. On the other hand, Ho Chi Minh also got assistance from the United States. This became the origin of the cold war by 1950 (Chapman, 2016). On the other hand, it is well established that President Johnson’s presidency foreign affairs were dominated by the Cold and Vietnam wars. He participated actively in stopping the spread of communism in Southern Asia.

According to the office of the Historian (n.d.), President Johnson was determined not to lose the war. It is well established that he actively participated in the war by sending numerous troops to participate in the war. In 1968, 500,000 American troops were participating in the cold war ordered by the president. In addition to that, President Johnson was also concerned with some other policies apart from the communism policies. One of the policies that he was concerned with was the Latin American policies. He, therefore, intended to engage the U.S. domestic support in the Vietnam War in a desperate endeavor before the living office.Communism and the American Leadership Essay



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