Answer the following questions using complete sentences and APA format. Each answer should be a minimum of 3 sentences. Please paste the questions into the document that you turn in and type your answer below each question. You are required to use a minimum of five references. Of those five references, three must be recent, scholarly articles. College Health And Medical Essay

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1. Compare and contrast the difference between polyhydramnios and oligohydramnios.

2. Discuss how you would assess a patient who comes to the office complaining of SROM. College Health And Medical Essay


3. Discuss the effects of gestational diabetes on the mother, fetus, and newborn infant.

4. Identify the key physiological and psychological changes that occur with each stage and phase of labor.

5. Develop a questionnaire list that patients could use to determine if they are in labor.

6. Discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and differences between internal and external monitor of both the uterus and the fetus. College Health And Medical Essay

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