Characteristic of a rural community


The community in Southwest Virginia is rural. The most common characteristic of a rural community is its size. A rural community has a smaller size as compared to the communities located in the urban areas. In Southwest Virginia; the communities are comprised of a smaller number of individuals, which makes the community small. In rural areas, agriculture is one of the main occupations, as noted by Nandi &Mistri (2018). Southwest Virginia has large tracts of large where subsistence and commercial farming are shared. Characteristic of a rural communityThis aspect differentiates a rural from an urban center because, in the urban areas, agriculture is rare due to the lack of farming land since most of them are used for real estate purposes. People living in Southwest Virginia are in close contact with nature. Nature is comprised of forests and animals. Although some parts of the heart can be found in the urban areas, it can only be found in designated areas. However, in rural areas, people are always in contact with nature. Nature is why the rural areas are not influenced by urbanization, which involves the development of building close together (Silberfein, 2019). In Southwest Virginia, individuals are in close contact with most domesticated animals such as cows, rabbits, and goats. All these signs make the community a rural area distinct from urban areasCharacteristic of a rural community.



Social Service Agencies

To administer essential services to the rural community, several social work agencies have been developed within Southwest Virginia. The Adult Protective Services Agency offers its services to the elderly within the community. Its benefits are directed towards ensuring that the adults with specific impairments get the support they require to enhance their lives. Some of the services offered by this agency include home-based services, adult foster care, and long-term care services and support (LTSS) screenings. Adult and child protective agencies are concerned with adults and children (Virginia Department of Social, n.d.). Characteristic of a rural communityIt protects adults and children from abuse and negligence, respectively. Child placing agency. This agency offers its services to children and helps place them in foster care (Virginia Department of Social Services, n.d.). Brain injury services agency. This agency offers its services to those individuals that have encountered brain injury and their families and help them live better lives and reintegrate with their families as well as the community

Characteristic of a rural community.

Non-Social Service Agencies that Employ Social Workers

Institutions of education, such as Southwest Virginia Community College, employ social workers to offer their services to the students who have qualified to enroll for higher education (SWCC-Southwest Virginia Community College, 2020). Schools within Southwest Virginia offer their services to students based on their age and qualification based on the class requirements. Hospitals such as Southwest Virginia Community Health System employ social workers to provide comprehensive medical services to Southwest Virginia. Nursing agencies such as Home Nursing Service of Southwest Virginia,employs social workers to offer home nursing services to the residents of Southwest Virginia. The home nursing services are provided to the elderly within the community. After school agencies such as the Boys & Girls Club of Southwest Virginia offer employment positions to social workers to provide after school programs to students within the Southwest Virginia community (Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Virginia, n.d.). Characteristic of a rural communityServices are offered to children between the age of 5 and 18 years.

Personal Interest

Social workers play a relevant role within the community. As such, I would consider being a part of some social work positions. One of the positions that interest me is thefoster caresocial worker position. This position is what most people associate with social work. Part of the reason I would want to be a part of this position is to ensure that children in foster care receive the best treatment they deserve. The fact that they are homeless or lack biological parents does not undermine their credibility as human beings. They deserve an opportunity to live like a regular child without being mistreated or mishandled by their foster parents. Like anyone else, these children are entitled to go to school, living in a conducive environment, and clothing. Foster children go through a lot and have a lot of thoughts, especially those that understand they are foster kids, and as such, the tension and stress they have needs to be relieved, and the only way to do so is to ensure they are handled with care. Another position that has my attention is that of corporate social responsibility. Companies have created these positions as a sign of their respect for the environment.Having lived in a rural area, I have learned the importance of nature, and I would like to be a part of the force that preserves the environment. Working in the corporate social responsibility position will grant me the opportunity to use company resources to make the environment a better place for everyone, not only today but also in the future. One of my goals is always to give back to the community because it has given me a lot more than I can ever repay. The best way I can do this is through such a position where I can create sustainable programs that make the community a better place to live and one that is admired by manyCharacteristic of a rural community.



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Characteristic of a rural community. Characteristic of a rural community


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