Art is the subject that gives everyone an opportunity to express their opinions. It doesn’t matter if your opinion is about the works of “Great Masters” or even the latest craze; your contribution to the art can never go unnoticed. Art is, therefore, an amazing topic that gives as much scope for documented opinions as it uses pencil, brush, and any other material. Art is a widely accepted theme that students and artists have gained tremendous inspiration. As a result, this blog will explore the best art essay topics you can discuss on your project.

Yes! Art is a fascinating topic. As you may have already realized from various areas and the specific identified essay topics, students can draw a lot of opportunities. They have the chance to write an essay to demonstrate their skills and knowledge about the art subject. It is also a key ingredient in our daily lives since everything we see or touch is mainly a result of art.

Art relies on personal expressions of the works of an artist. For this reason, it is challenging to understand art, so it is important to explore art topics. There is reliable data on various art subjects or ideas that can come into effect when there are interesting topics in the art space.

What is an art essay?

You probably might have written several types of essays in your career, but what is an art essay? Art essay is not a new phrase to many people. We interact daily with artists, craftsmen, and writers. These are key contributors to art. Art can be considered part of humanity as it has been discovered, criticized, and enjoyed since humanity came into existence. So, there is no better way to define art than understanding the expression of emotions and life. It allows the artist to implement their skills and senses to discover something new.

An art essay is a form of writing where you can participate in criticizing, appreciating, or even emphasizing the importance of a particular artwork. Art plays a role in life just like any other thing, which is why it cannot be wished away.

What should an art essay look like?

Since an art essay is not entirely different from most of the essays you have written, what does it look like then? How is the art essay outline? Before writing this essay, it is important to get the structure right. This will ensure you submit an essay with the right structure and content. The correct structure will also help you generate more ideas step by step; thus, it will help you score well.

The main aim of writing an essay is for you to present your argument, citing reliable sources to support your views. Also, you should express your notions and offer solutions to art-related research questions. In other words, there should be an expression displaying the relevance of your research. When writing an art essay, you can choose to stick to the tried and proven traditional essay writing formula as discussed below.


Your art essay must start with a great introduction, like any other essay. Remember, this is your earliest opportunity to grab your audience’s attention. As you present your opening arguments, you should state the thesis statement in the introduction. This will help the readers understand what to expect from your essay. It is at this point whereby they might choose to continue reading or not. Therefore, the introduction will play a key role in the study.

You should state clearly and briefly what you will work on and try to expand your outline. Your introduction should therefore capture the contents of the body.

Main body

This is where your art essay topics’ contents will be discussed or, rather, the meat of your essay. The body will contain paragraphs that are directly linked to the main topic. At this stage, you should convince the reader of the relevance of the essay. The body has to make sense and clearly display your points. You can draft your main points before writing to guide you and ensure you do not leave out any point you had in mind.


This is the final part of your essay. Avoid writing a long conclusion. Your conclusion should relate to what has been discussed in the body without bringing in new ideas. While concluding, you can present your judgment, including the summary of the main body. You must write about what you discovered in your research and writing process. You can also end by leaving your readers with a call to action since your essay is aimed at challenging the status quo in society.

What to consider for an excellent art essay

Writing an art essay requires critical knowledge and skills to effectively explain your views. Here are some tips on how to write an art essay to help you discuss art essay topics.

Examining creativity

An art paper can be challenging and, at the same time, interesting to write about. When you are asked to write an art essay, they expect you to account for what you see and prove your evaluation of that art. As you will notice, from quotes on art to writing essays by experts, your role is to be able to examine and describe an image put into words.

Once you know how to write a good art essay, you can elaborate on an image presented to you by offering a full description and legitimate support of your perspective of art. It is important to understand that your paper should not only be about a random description of different aspects of the artwork, regardless of whether it is a painting, sculpture, or building.

You need to be precise in your opinion about your specific topic, using your skills to analyze appropriately and properly describe your selected artwork.

Types of art writings

There are five primary types of art essays, as identified by Sylvan Barnet. In learning to write an art essay, it is important to apply these diverse categories to understand your instructor’s expectations in your assignment. You can choose to use some of these writing types to explore or brainstorm ideas for the assignment’s theme, provided you have discretion over the assignment. When writing an essay on art types, here are some you can discuss.

Types of art writings include;

  1. The sociological essay

This is of writing aims to examine a certain era in history and gives suggestions on how the said era might have affected the topic of the discussion. Also, your discussions can potentially raise some generalized concerns about social influences, economics’s effects on art, and the challenges women in art face. Take, for instance, an essay that focuses on how local photography of Walker Evans might have impacted Roosevelt’s aggression to create the Farm Security Administration.

  1. Image writing (iconography)

Image writing is a form of writing that defines images using the in-depth exploration of different symbols found in an artwork selection. For example, the author explores the players in Rembrandt’s ‘The Assassin’ as potential citizens of Holland. However, using a more critical evaluation of the symbols in the painting can reveal that the subjects in the painting may be recognized as saints.

  1. Formal analysis

This kind of writing requires a student with the knowledge and skills to write a perfect art essay to evaluate the formal factors of a piece of art. From there, the student can create a dialogue about this piece incomparably or creatively so that others can see and understand the examined artwork.

  1. Biographical essays

Just as the name biographical essay suggests, this form of writing will examine an artist’s personal life once you fully understand how to craft an art essay. You can also write about how an artist’s personal experiences directly impact their lives, for instance, in the case where Barnet gives a story of how Ansel Adams has impacted the photographic career journey of Harry Callahan.

  1. The iconological essay

Also known as the study of an image, an iconological essay applies various texts and literary examples to exhaustively interpret a chosen piece of art. For instance, when you understand how to write a good art essay, you can go ahead and use ancient renditions of different Greek mythological tales. This will, in turn, help you to educate your audience on the image representations of a belief as evident in archaic Greek art.

Strategies to consider before writing an art essay

So, now you know the various types of writing you can apply while crafting your art essay topics assignment. You still need to know the tricks and strategies you can implement to maneuver easily while writing. You can explore an example of an art critique essay to know more. Here are some strategies you might want to consider.

  1. Evaluate the medium

You need to analyze the rationale behind the artist’s choice to select a specific medium, including the advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Use of lines

Examine if the artist used light or heavy lines, whether the lines run horizontally or vertically, and whether the lines are straight or curved. Also, you need to evaluate whether there is a specific objective or result achieved by using these lines.

  1. Explore the coloration

Observe whether the artist has used realistic colors or if the colors are more expressive in nature. Again, you need to explore if the color in place offers a cool or warm sensation and whether the colors are dim or bright. If they fall into this category, what is the overall impact of these colors?

  1. Examine the availability of space

Yes! Space is a significant factor for consideration. You need to examine if there is any available space in the work you choose and if the visual plane displays a great or shallow depth. You also must understand the arrangement of the used shapes in the workspace. Further, you need to explore how the application of sense affects the subjects of the artist. Also, you can go ahead and express your opinions on how the use of space impacts your feedback about the art.

Art essay topics to write about

New is always the best. By exploring something new, you will have tons of valuable ideas that can play a key role in your essay. An art essay will never lack something to surprise you with. There is plenty of excellent information you can obtain from modern art essays. However, you can choose an essay topic based on your interests. Some of the art essay topics to write about can include (though are not limited to);

  • Examine the impact of pop art on Americans
  • Explain the influence of history on pop art culture
  • Explore the nature of Asian tribes in regard to their fashion and textile
  • What are the features and styles applied in Japanese calligraphy?
  • Examine the significance of science in Greek sculptures
  • Explain the interconnection between Greek art and Greek architecture
  • What is the impact of art on the historical culture of America?
  • What is your view about art therapy? Do you think it is effective? Discuss your views
  • What is the impact of nature and life on art?
  • According to you, what makes good art?
  • Discuss how to crop art originate
  • Discuss the significance of beauty in ancient art
  • Analyze five modern artists of your choice and explain what makes you appreciate their works
  • Discuss the various aspects of pop art
  • What is the role of light in artworks?
  • Describe the nature of architecture during ancient times
  • Discuss the art that depicts World War II happenings
  • What is the influence and history of a graphic?
  • What can you say about the history and significance of animation in the current cinema history?
  • What role do ancient civilizations and ancient art play in the advancement of modern art?
  • Explain the cultural effects of China’s Great wall
  • Analyze the nature of human anatomy in modern art as depicted by your favorite artists
  • Give a comprehensive explanation of the linear perception in artworks
  • Describe your understanding of rationalism in Renaissance Europe art
  • Examine the humanism theme in the works of six artists of your choice
  • What can you say regarding the secularism subject in art?

Art history topics

History helps us to look back and observe some historical happenings in the hopes of avoiding past mistakes and instead improving. The same thing applies to art history. There are plenty of exciting art topics you can consider. You only have to get your points well; strive to write earlier so you can have time to revise your work thoroughly.

Remember, you will come across plenty of fun concepts while studying art. Unfortunately, many students find it hard to look for the best topics. If you are among them, here are some exciting art history topics you can select.

  • Describe primeval musical instruments
  • What is the history of Venetian carnival masks?
  • What are the techniques used and the history of printmaking?
  • Why did the Egyptians use the same art canon for over 3000 years?
  • What do you think is art’s philosophy? Discuss the connection between philosophy and art
  • What are the contents of Ancient Greece sculptures?
  • Explain the return of cultural land to African countries after World War II
  • What are the similarities between Mesoamerican and Egyptian pyramids?
  • Explain how art can be used as propaganda
  • What is the relevance of the work of Raphael?
  • How can you describe the impact of Hitler’s lifestyle on art?
  • Discuss how to ease mental illness using painting
  • What is the origin and history of Greek theater?
  • Explain the role of stained glass in medieval France
  • An examination of the influence of Francisco de Goya on the improvement of modern art
  • Give a critical examination of the historical era with the biggest impact on modern art development
  • What lessons can be drawn from the history of art to the current to predict art’s future development?
  • In reference to Banksy’s works, what is your opinion on art history? Do you think there are better ideas in modern art?
  • Why do you think ancient cave paintings by early man are perceived to be so significant for the development of art?

Argumentative essay topics on art

An argumentative essay considers artistic issues from two ends. For your point to be relevant, you should aim to prove your opinions using factual arguments and enhanced reasoning. When you are looking for topics for your essay, ensure you choose a unique and interesting topic that will attract readers. If you find it difficult to select a topic on your own, here are some great argumentative essay topics on art for you.

  • What is the difference between design and art?
  • Can you say horror art is another form of art?
  • Explain why you think art should be considered an academic subject
  • What is the possibility of appreciating art without being a fan?
  • Do you think the Hudson River School of Art has an effect on American art?
  • Choose two American paintings of your choice and evaluate the importance of Japanese art
  • Discuss why you think appreciating art attracts huge criticism and destruction
  • Describe the significance of Adolf Hitler to world art and German art. Do you think it should be considered powerful?
  • Explain your thoughts on how Russian artists are unique
  • Discuss your thoughts on the status of rigid art as art
  • Discuss why you think modern art is not legitimate as an ancient art
  • Do you think there is something like Muslim art? Explain why your view
  • What is the effect of mythology on ancient artists’ work?
  • Explain why you think the public should be allowed to appreciate art at museums

Cause and effect topics in art

Essay art topics are based on two main aspects; consequences and reasons. When you need to write art essay topics, you should be ready to figure out its causes and effects. Here is a compiled list of topics to help you get an idea of cause and effect topics in art.

  • What is the effect of WWI on art?
  • Discuss the impact of WWII on literature
  • What is the impact of Hitler’s work on history and literature?
  • Do you think iconoclasm affects Muslim art? If yes, discuss how
  • What factors are responsible for the fall of art in Medieval Europe?
  • Discuss how the cultural revolution impacted Chinese art
  • Explain the influence of Raphael on Renaissance art
  • Discuss how William Blake’s work contributed to the establishment of modern art
  • Discuss how you think art impacted people during the era of Hitler
  • Using examples, describe how the invention of the printing press transformed the status media

Compare and contrast topics in art

You are right. Sometimes, some of these art essays are quite challenging. It requires extra effort to compare two scenarios since you have to be well-versed in them. However, with the help of an expert guide, you can easily get the upper hand with excellently researched ideas to compare and contrast topics on art. Below are the topics we are talking about.

  • Compare and contrast Egyptian and Greek proportion canons
  • What are the similarities and differences between Baroque and Mannerism styles?
  • Compare and contrast Rococo and Baroque design styles
  • What are the similarities and differences between English and French gardens?

Art therapy topics ideas

Art therapy is a fantastic topic for your essay, as you can see from our website’s art analysis essay example. While researching the topic, be sure to stumble on interesting ideas that are crucial for your study. However, you can still consider your essay’s following art therapy topic ideas.

  • What is the importance of art therapy?
  • How can you describe the process of losing yourself in art?
  • Discuss why art therapy is effective in a group setting
  • Describe the nature of the art therapy industry
  • Discuss the effectiveness of art therapy in children
  • Analyze how art therapy can be used in abused children
  • What are some art therapy activities?
  • How can art be useful for families and communities?
  • Discuss the creative process of art therapy

Bottom line

You must have learned the best strategy to use when writing your art essay and also found the best art essay topics for your paper. With these ideas, be sure to write an impeccable paper that will score you good marks. If you would like to learn more about topics on different epochs and art essay examples, check them at our website. Additionally, if you get stuck anywhere with your paper, feel free to contact us at for more help.

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