An Overview Of Homelessness Prevention And Intervention In Social Work

The code of ethics from the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) involves standards, principles, and values that the social workers should follow to help them in the decision-making process and conduct (Hebenstreit,2017). In social work, making wise decisions is always arising and requires a lot of intelligence. It is common for workers to face complex situations or disagreements at work; thus, ethics help in making proper judgment and informed decisions. The main objective of social workers is to advance people’s quality lives in a political, economic, social, and personal manner. In most cases, they advocate change and social justice on their client’s behalf to improve the forces that address and contribute to life’s quality. In the last two decades, the emergence of technology advancement has led to increased ignorance around ethical issues, especially in social work. However, the NASW has set new revisions and standards that address ethical issues using technology. The association has continued to promote ethical practices that are accepted all over the world. It fosters professionalism for all social workers despite their settings or various functions. These codes of ethics include; competence, integrity, the importance of human relationships, service to humanity, social justice, worth of the person, and dignityAn Overview Of Homelessness Prevention And Intervention In Social Work.



Dignity and worth of the person are an ethic that social workers should portray when dealing with clients every day. It is essential to understand the intrinsic value of every person, despite their beliefs or background. Social workers should respect and understand the different views between them and their clients, considering the cultural diversity and different ethnic groups. Sometimes, workers may have to deal with their personal beliefs against a particular population. Consequently, this cannot be very easy, but to help meet client’s satisfaction, they have to ignore their inner feelings. Acknowledging that clients have a right to self-expression and determination is essential despite having a better solution for their situation.  Additionally, social workers must understand the central goal of human relationships to promote change (Willis, Nicole, and Veronica ,2019). An Overview Of Homelessness Prevention And Intervention In Social Work Through the helping process, social workers should easily engage different people as partners. Social workers should work towards strengthening the relationships of different people to maintain, enhance, promote, and restore each person’s well-being. Also, it helps encourage peace and a sense of belonging in organizations, communities, families, and social groups. When people relate well and in a friendly manner, it is easy to communicate and make decisions that promote togetherness despite the setting. Therefore, social workers should incorporate this ethic since it not only adds value to an organization but also eases the process of service delivery.

I believe that respect and confidentiality are values compatible and supportive in the field of social work. Respect is a manner in which a person thinks or treats something or someone. Subsequently, this value is shown by being kind and polite to people despite their background or social status. Hence, it can comply with social workers since they should treat their colleagues with respect by acknowledging their obligations, views, and qualifications. They should avoid negative criticism when dealing with clients or other professionals to display professionalism and maintain the well-being of their customers. On the other hand, confidentiality is the act of keeping some information private to avoid ruining the reputation of someone or an organization. It applies in social work since workers get to learn a lot of personal matters from their colleagues and clients when working. Therefore, respecting confidentiality helps avoid harmfulconfrontations and creates a favorable working environment. My main strength related to social work is embracing teamwork. When people work together, they can achieve the set objectives and promote the success of a company, as noted by Barsky, ALLAN, and Northern (2017)An Overview Of Homelessness Prevention And Intervention In Social Work. Through teamwork, it is easier to solve the problems a firm may encounter since different people have different ideas and plans. Thus, social workers should practice teamwork to foster creativity and continuity of their organizations.

Homelessness is one of the major issues facing every country from the developed to the developing nations. It refers to the lack of a place to live, which means individuals who are homeless do not have their premises to call home or instead of their shelter. Many efforts have been made all in the quest to deal with this crisis. Notably, as the population keeps increasing, the number of homeless people globally continues to grow, which is adverse to any country. The United States is one developed country that has been hit by this crisis, with over five hundred thousand homeless citizens (Trawver et al. 2019)An Overview Of Homelessness Prevention And Intervention In Social Work. Homelessness is prevalent in several states such as Oregon, Colorado, and Jacksonville, Florida. Although the number of homeless people has slightly decreased, homelessness remains a challenge in America. Therefore, the best measures should be integrated to ensure that everyone has a nice place to call home.

According to research, homelessness among the majority of the people is mainly brought about by the high costs of housing. Typically, this is triggered by the low levels of income, as well as the top housing costs (Erickson, Jon, and Wilhelm,2017). Although other factors mayplay a part in causing homelessness, it remains an issue that needs to be addressed. Research goes on to state that those homeless people and families are not different from poor people. This is because they are unable to acquire and maintain affordable housing.

Another cause of being homeless is the presence of low affordable housing units. A commission formed in 2000 found out that as one descends the ladder of family earnings, the inadequacy of supply increases. The most severe problem is inadequate. Researchers have come to a consensus that the available number of housing units that are affordable to the poor is not sufficient to cater for the housing needsas noted by Trawver et al. (2019)An Overview Of Homelessness Prevention And Intervention In Social Work.

The social work profession can help reduce homelessness through contact support as well as the issuance of services. Providing affordable housing alone is not enough. Multiple reasons result in people being homeless. For example, some people end up living on the streets due to excessive use of drugs or poor planning of finances, which results in them running bankrupt and, on the roads, (Zufferey,2016). Such individuals need to be helped so that they can overcome that addiction because housing them without addressing the issue could potentially result in them living in the streets once more. In Finland, for example, social workers conduct follow up services with constant support. Every individual who was homeless and who is homeless receives individually tailored support. The social workers provide psychiatric services and issue advice concerning critical matters such as payment of rent or help in the application of several benefits from the government. Financial counseling is also provided to assist individuals in managing their finances, whether large or small, so that they do not find themselves in the same situation againAn Overview Of Homelessness Prevention And Intervention In Social Work.

My main strength is communication and socializing. Notably, communication skills are essential when communicating with people. As a social worker, it is one of the relevant skills. Dealing with homeless people requires communication skills since they go through a lot of hardships, and encouraging them as well as advising them can only be possible through the appropriate communication skills. Socializing is also essential to capture the attention of these individuals.


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