Aggression Being Organized and Smoking Behaviors Essay Paper

Q.1 Biological

Q.2 Aggression is a behavior that is acquired biologically. In most cases aggression behaviors is considered to be inborn and it only gets to be expressed when an individual is placed in an environment that brings it out. Most of the individuals who are aggressive happen to be aggressive because their biological parents are aggressive or someone in the family lineage was/is aggressive (Staddon, 2016). The trait of aggressiveness is therefore transferred genetically to the generations that are born of people who are aggressive.



Q.3 Psychoanalytic

Q.4 Smoking is a behavior that is acquired through a psychoanalytic process where a person acquires a behavior by observing and practicing it over time. Smoking behavior acquired through a step by step process where the process of acquisition begins when individuals admire the habit, then they go a step further by testing it and within no time they’ve fully adopted the behavior. Because of the addiction that comes with the behavior individuals unconsciously stick to it until they seek to be treated of it (Lee, 2014). Smoking behavior has been identified as one of the behaviors that can be reversed through a psychoanalytic treatment where individuals are treated to leave the habit. Aggression Being Organized and Smoking Behaviors Essay Paper

Q.5 Learning (Classical learning)

Q.6 Being Organized is a behavior that is acquired mostly through a learning process where individuals learn. The process of learning often happens through classical conditioning where individuals learn from those that are around them. For instance, if a person who is not organized is placed in a group of people who are organized for sometimes; the disorganized individual begins to learn and copy the aspect of organization from those who are organized (Skinner, 2014). In a classical learning an individual learns from others unconsciously over a period of time and then they will finally take up the behavior.



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