A Systematic Review of Human Resource Management

Question one

Using a systematic method to answer employee questions provided by the shared service platform is a good way for the department to mitigate risk. For a large organization, it is difficult to handle every staff member’s inquiries individually, like in a small organization. Therefore, to reduce the risk of leaving questions unanswered, the questions are raised in the system and forwarded to the relevant professionals who will answer them accordingly. This will ensure no disparity in the answers, which will provide the consistent application of the information. By having all employeesperforming their tasks consistently, the human resource ensures that the organization runs smoothlyA Systematic Review of Human Resource Management.



Question two

I disagree that a manager can silo information relating to management in the shared service system because all the information is uploaded in the system. If a manager leaves the information in the shared service system, it will enable the next manager to understand the position’s requirement by following the uploading data steps (Badran, 2019). Unlike a company without a shared service, the human resource manager keeps all the information and provides only the requested ones, effectively not disclosing what process was used to acquire it. Since everyone uses the shared service in the organization, it is possible to see where the human resource manager compiles their dataA Systematic Review of Human Resource Management.

Question three

Shared services are not in-house products meaning they are outsourced from companies that provide the service. Therefore, I agree that outsourcing is one of the strategies implemented to free up time for human resources to focus on strategic activities because the update of information is done autonomously by the system. Additionally, any maintenance is carried out by the company that owns the platform.


Badran, N., & Maayouf, M. (2019). Does an SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge behavioral competency be beneficial for Hotel HR Managers? The Case of Cairo Five-Star Hotels. International Journal of Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality, 13(2), 299-313A Systematic Review of Human Resource Management.

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